4 Animation Films Like Shrek Made by Dreamworks Studio

Films Like ShrekDreamWorks Animation is an animation studio founded in 1994 by 3 big figures in Hollywood cinema. They are Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen. Their initials are always embedded behind the company logo, DreamWorks SKG.

Initially this studio was the animation division of Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment. Since 1994 they have existed under the banner of DreamWorks which was just established at that time. In 2006, DreamWorks Animation collaborated with Paramount Pictures for the distribution of their films.

Then from 2012 until now, the distribution of their films is handled by 20th Century Fox. DreamWorks Animation is domiciled in Glendale, California, USA, which is also a campus for world animators. Apart from America, they also have other studios in India and China. Since 1994, they have produced 31 films which have been commercially successful.

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Shrek Film Synopsis

This parody film of famous characters from world fairy tales is the best franchise produced by DreamWorks Animation. Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz and Eddie Murphy appear to provide the voices of the unique and interesting characters.

Achieving a box-office of $ 267 million and also being named Best Animated Feature, this film directed by Andrew Adamson and Vicky Jenson was a huge success and would spawn 3 follow-up films and 1 spin-off film. Shrek 2 was released in 2004 which was also as successful as the first film. What’s more, the presence of Puss in Boots, voiced by Antonio Banderas, is able to steal the hearts of the audience.

As a result, the film’s box-office hit was $441 million, far exceeding the first film’s earnings. Another plus point, the soundtrack was also successful in the market with the single “Accidentally in Love” from Counting Crows.

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Shrek the Third continued this fairy tale in 2007. Even though its quality was not comparable to the previous 2 films, it was still able to achieve a box-office of $ 322 million. And Shrek Forever After was released in 2010. The story became more forced and less interesting, but still earned $238 million. Puss in Boots is a spin-off that tells the adventures of the cat character Zorro before meeting Shrek and his friends. Nominated for Best Animated Feature at the Academy Awards, the film also earned a box-office gross of $149 million.

Below are several recommendations for films by Dreamworks Animation that are similar to Shrek.

Films Like Shrek

1. How to Train Your Dragon [2010]

Films Like Shrek

This film, which is adapted from the best-selling book by Cressida Cowell, is considered the best DreamWorks Animation film to date. Directed by Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois, the film was a commercial and quality success. Achieving box-office revenues of $217 million and being nominated for Academy Awards in the Best Animated Feature and Best Original Score categories is proof of the quality of this film.

Maybe many people are asking why the dragon character Toothless is almost similar to Stitch in Lilo & Stitch? Because the director of these two films is the same person. Initially the idea for this film was offered to Walt Disney Animation but was rejected, until they both crossed over to DreamWorks Animation and ultimately achieved great success.

Its sequel, released in 2014, also achieved commercial and quality success. All the voice actors, such as Jay Baruchel and Gerard Butler, return. Plus Cate Blanchett as Hiccup’s mother. The film was praised for its stunning animation display and deeper, darker story than the first film. At the box-office, How to Train Your Dragon 2 earned $177 million and was nominated for Best Animated Feature at the Academy Awards.

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2. Kung Fu Panda [2008]

Films Like Shrek

This film, which depicts Ancient Chinese culture with a cute and lazy Panda character named Po who is considered “The Chosen One”, is a film with the most complex animation at that time which was worked on very seriously by DreamWorks Animation by sending its crew, animators and music composers to explore the culture. Ancient China.

Directors John Stevenson and Mark Osborne chose Jack Black, Jacky Chan, Angelina Jolie, Dustin Hofman and Ian McShane as voice actors who turned out to be able to convey the story as a whole. Box-office gross of $215 million.

Kung Fu Panda 2 was released in 2011 continuing the adventures of Po and the Furious Five in the era of Ancient China. With the same cast, this film has better action scenes and animation than the first film, especially Gary Oldman’s role as the antagonist Lord Shen. Nominated in the Best Animated Feature category at the Academy Awards, the film earned a box-office gross of $165 million. This franchise will be complemented by the presence of a third film which will be released in 2016.

3. The Boss Baby [2017]

Films Like Shrek

The Boss Baby is included in a collection of successful Dreamworks animated films in 2017. This film earned revenues of up to US $ 498 million. This time, Dreamworks tells a story about a magical baby who is different from babies in general. This baby is naughty, stubborn, wears a suit like a grown man, and loves coffee.

At first, no one knew that Boss Baby was a messenger from Baby Corp. company that is investigating and intends to shut down Puppy Co., an organization that is trying to weaken the baby food business and expand the pet food business. Boss Baby is trapped in a family. Will Boss Baby’s plan to stop Puppy Co. succeed? Will the family accept him after finding out that he is not an ordinary baby? Find the answer in The Boss Baby.

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4. Films Like Shrek: Home [2015]

Films Like Shrek

Two world international divas, Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez, provide voices in this Dreamworks animated film. Home tells about the invasion of the Boov alien race into the world in search of a new place to live. They hunt humans to occupy their homes.

A girl named Tip managed to escape the pursuit of the aliens. Tip unexpectedly met an alien named Oh. Their meeting turned out to make them friends. Will Tip and Oh’s friendship be able to make other aliens melt down and not invade Earth?