4 Films Like Apocalypto Tells about the Tribal War

Films Like Apocalypto – As if they never run out of ideas, filmmakers always present films with themes and genres that succeed in captivating the hearts of the audience. Films with the theme of conflict between tribes are one that loved by film fans. The interesting part of this film the technology used and extraordinary shooting techniques that succeed in making the film look real.

This time Mel Gibson gave his touch to the film Apocalypto (2006). This versatile actor invites the audience to return to an era where humans were still untouched by technology. Apocalypto tells the story of the peaceful life of a tribe led by the chief Flint Sky who has a child named Jaguar Paw. This tribe, which had lived for hundreds of years, was attacked by another tribe that cruel and stronger than this tribe.

Even worse, every member of the tribe led by Jaguar Paw sold to a tribe of sun god worshipers who attacked their home. The tribe led by Zero Wolf known to savage and cruel. The women were raped and murdered, the adult men captured and beheaded, including Jaguar Paw. However, when it was Paw’s turn to executed, a solar eclipse occurred which became the starting point for Paw’s revenge against the tribe who worshiped the sun god.

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Films Like Apocalypto

1. Dead Birds

Films Like Apocalypto

The first inter-tribal war film came from our homeland, Indonesia. This country has various tribes with their own cultures. The diversity of tribes and cultures in Indonesia made into a film by director Robert Gardner in 1963.

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This American documentary film tells the story of the war between the Dugum Dani tribe who live in the Baliem valley in Irian Jaya province. The Dani tribe occupies the western part of Papua New Guinea.

This documentary, which received the Marzocco d’Oro award at the Festival of the People International Film Festival in Italy, presents footage of the battle between the Willihiman-Wallalua Clan and the Wittaia Clan. In the footage there scenes of the funeral of a boy who killed by a group of robbers, tribal women going about their daily activities and the war tactics used by the warring tribes.

2. Films Like Apocalypto: 10,000 BC

Films Like Apocalypto

This film by Roland Emmerich tells the story of tribal life in prehistoric times. At first glance, this film, which made in Namibia, similar to the setting of the film Apocalypto. The difference is, Roland Emmirich includes a more complex storyline.

The focus of the story is on a young man from the Yagahl Tribe, D’Leh (Steven Strait) who falls in love with a blue-eyed girl named Evolet (Camillia Belle). To attract Evolet’s heart, D’Leh goes hunting for mammoths and gets a white spear from the north which is the symbol of the Yagahl tribe.

Although the hunt was successful and D’Leh managed to get a white spear, he received no recognition. Apart from that, the Yagahl Tribe attacked by the Naku Tribe who kidnapped people from the Yagahl Tribe, including Evolet. The attack by the Naku Tribe and the kidnapping of Evolet, D’Leh’s loved one, pushed him to take revenge and fight to free the captive Yagahl people.

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3. The Dead Lands

Films Like Apocalypto

The film The Dead Lands tells the story of a young man from the Maori tribe named Hongi who wants revenge against the murderer who killed his father so that his father’s soul can rest in peace.

With a small number of followers, Hongi seems to be at a disadvantage. However, he did not give up. After thinking for a long time and contemplating all the strategies that were prepared, Hongi finally found a way to fight this group of killers. The method that Hongi took was very risky. He intended to take advantage of a land that very feared by a group of people from the tribe led by Te Kohe Tuhaka which caused his father’s life to lost.

The land called The Dead Lands, a terrible area that said to home to cruel and savage black knights. Their whereabouts unknown, but they knights who skilled in fighting. Will Hongi succeed in persuading the “Warriors”, the dead land dwellers so feared by Te Kohe Tuhaka’s group? And will he succeed in avenging his father?

4. Films Like Apocalypto: Warrior of the Rainbow

Films Like Apocalypto

The next tribal war film comes from Taiwan. This country produced a quite phenomenal film directed by director Wei Te Sheng.

The director highlights the story of the Seediq Bale tribe in the interior of Taiwan. This traditional tribe still adheres to the traditional rules inherited from their ancestors in their daily lives. For years this tribe lived in peace side by side with the other tribes there. However, their peace disturbed with the arrival of Japanese colonization of Taiwan. The tribes in the interior of Taiwan pitted against each other and divided so that they no longer had the strength to fight the invaders.