5 Facts about Blue Beetle, a DC Superhero Who Gets Power

Facts about Blue Beetle. DC will release a number of superhero films throughout 2023. After Shazam! Fury of the Gods, DC recently released the first trailer for the Blue Beetle film. The film, which involves Xolo Mariduea, is planned to be released in theaters in August 2023.

The figure of Jaime Reyes, aka Blue Beetle, is one of the most popular superheroes in the DC universe. Jaime is told as a teenager who gains the power to become a superhero after joining an alien technology in the form of a scarab. Even so, there are still many other interesting facts about the blue beetle that you need to know.

So, in the following, I will discuss a series of interesting facts about the Blue Beetle so that you will get to know the superhero better when you watch the film!

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DC superhero Blue Beetle facts

1. There are already three characters using the identity of Blue Beetle.

Just like superheroes in general, Blue Beetle is also not the identity of just one character. The first DC character to use this superhero identity a man named Dan Garett, who created by Charles Nicholas Wojtkoski. Garrett first appeared in Mystery Men Comics #1, which released in 1939 and still owned by Charlton Comics, not DC.

After DC owned the character rights, Garrett’s position replaced by Ted Kord, who became the most famous Blue Beetle. Ted Kord doesn’t even have superhuman powers like Garett, because he’s just a genius who relies on technology to fight crime, like Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark.

Well, the latest Blue Beetle character in DC is Jaime Reyes, whom we will see in the film later. In the comics, Jaime finds the original scarab that became the source of the Blue Beetle’s power and ends up training with Ted Kord as his mentor. In the later film, Jaime is also likely not the first person to ever use this superhero identity.

2. The first blue beetle got its power from vitamins.

And Garrett, as the first character to use the superhero identity, didn’t get his super powers from the scarab when he first appeared in the comics. Garrett is just an ordinary guy who wears a bulletproof costume and takes vitamins when he wants to fight crime. However, the vitamins that Garrett took were not ordinary vitamins because these supplements made him have superpowers.

Then, after the revision of the story in the Silver Age era, Dan Garrett’s power underwent a change. Garrett is finally told as an archaeologist who finds an ancient scarab while exploring Egypt. This scarab then makes him have various superpowers to eradicate crime without having to eat vitamins first.

The power that comes from this scarab then continues on to his successor, Dan Garrett. Even so, the scarab doesn’t just give strength; it also makes the Blue Beetle its avatar. So, sometimes the avatar can’t control its power because the scarab has a mind of its own.

3. His live-action debut actually happened in the Smallville series.

Maybe many of you suspect that the Blue Beetle’s appearance on the big screen will be the live-action debut of the character. Well, this is indeed the first time the character has appeared in live action on the big screen.

However, in reality, this superhero has appeared before in the form of live action in the Smallville series that aired in the 2000s. The character that appears in this series is also Jaime Reyes, the same as the one who will appear in the film later.

In fact, there are actually plans to work on a spin-off series that focuses on Jaime Reyes’ story as a superhero after appearing in Smallville. Unfortunately, the solo series never materialized until DC finally decided to work on a live-action film.

4. Being the inspiration for the creation of the Nite Owl

For those of you who have followed the story of the Watchmen series, whether it’s the comic, the series, or the film, surely you’re already familiar with the figure of Nite Owl, right? Yep, this character with a costume that resembles an owl is often seen as similar to Batman. However, in reality, the creator of Nite Owl actually took inspiration from the figure of the Blue Beetle, you know!

Yep, Alan Moore, the creator of the Watchmen comic, openly revealed that the figure of Nite Owl in his comic inspired by Dan Garrett and Ted Kord. This actually seen in the ability to create technology between the two characters. The biggest example of this is Nite Owl’s “Archie” plane, which has a similar concept to Ted Kord’s Bug plane.

5. Was a member of the Teen Titans

It doesn’t seem surprising that Blue Beetle joins a group of superheroes, like most characters. For example, Ted Kord was once a member of the Justice League and even joined the Black Lantern Corps. Dan Garrett, who wasn’t a DC character when he debuted, was also once described as a member of the Justice Society of America.

Meanwhile, Jaime Reyes had joined the Teen Titans in the comic version. Apart from his young efforts, the reason Jaime joined the Teen Titans was because he was close friends with some of its members.

So, those are some interesting facts about the blue beetle that you need to know. Which of these facts caught your attention?

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