5 Greek Gods Mythology Films like Immortals Recommendation

Films like Immortals – Many interesting stories about gods have been made onto the big screen. A god himself someone who is highly revered and believed to the controller of nature in a religion or human belief system throughout the world.

Talking about Greek mythology films, Immortals is an epic film that displays cool visuals of the gods and goddesses. Tells the story of the journey of a young man named Theseus, played by Henry Cavill. He chosen by Zeus to face a cruel and cruel king named Hyperion.

Hyperion himself was a king who chose not to believe in the presence of gods after the death of his wife and son due to an illness. Hyperion tries to find the Epirus Bow to free the Titan who has trapped in Mount Thartarus. Can Theseus stop Hyperion from creating war between the gods and Titans? Watch this cool film for yourself.

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Films like Immortals

1. Clash of the Titans

Clash of the Titans released in 2010. This film, starring Sam Worthington, is a remake of the classic film of the same name which made in 1981. It tells the story of a demigod named Perseus, son of the god Zeus who raised by a fisherman in the city of Argos, Greece. Perseus seeks revenge on Hades, Zeus’ brother who killed the family that raised him. In his adventure, he meets princess Andromeda and the giant Kraken created by Hades. Will he succeed in getting his revenge on Hades? So that you don’t get curious, watch this film yourself.

2. Wrath of the Titans

This film is a sequel to Clash of the Titans. The film itself tells the story of Perseus who chooses to live with his son Helius on earth rather than on Olympus with Zeus. Human belief began to weaken in the presence of gods, causing Olympus to lose power. Hades, who knew this, tried to take advantage of Olympus’ weakness by inviting Zeus’ son, Ares, to resurrect Kronos on Mount Thartarus.

The war involving Perseus and his son to save Olympus is inevitable. The giant monsters presented are no less scary than the first film. For fans of Greek god-themed films, this film could be a fun film to watch.

3. Hercules

The next Greek mythology film Hercules, which released in 1997. This animated fantasy comedy film has become one of the iconic films released by Walt Disney Pictures. Tells the story of Hercules, the son of Zeus and Hera, who kidnapped and thrown away by Pain and Panic on the orders of Hades who intended to rule Olympus. After Hercules grew into a teenager, he tried to find his identity by visiting the temple of Zeus.

At the temple, he received information that to restore his position as a god, he had to become a true hero first. This animated film, which shows many funny scenes, has a pretty good rating from film observers. This animated film is perfect for watching with the family.

4. Jason and The Argonouts

This old film is really interesting to watch. Jason’s adventures with the crew of the Argonouts were released in 1963. This film tells the story of the journey of Jason, the son of Alcimed, with a group of ship heroes called the Argonuts to find the Golden Fleece or golden fleece on the orders of King Pelias. On their voyage they have to face dangerous enemies such as a tribe of murderous women, seductive fairies, witches and a dragon. It has an interesting storyline and exciting adventures facing fantasy creatures, making this old film a must-watch.

5. Hercules: The Thracian Wars

2014 is indeed the year of Hercules. Two films telling the story of this demigod were released in the same year. In the film Hercules, the actor who believed to be Hercules is Dwayne Johnson (the Rock). Tells the story of Hercules who has to fulfill 12 difficult tasks given by Hera as a form of disappointment with Zeus and Alcemene. After his final assignment, Hercules asked to help the people of Thrace by Lord Coyt. Hercules, who had successfully trained Thrace’s troops to successfully conquer Rheseus’ cruel troops, discovered new hidden facts about Ergenia, the daughter of Lord Cotys. What kind of story happened between Ergenia, Rheseus and Hercules? Find out for yourself interesting facts in Dwayne Johnson’s version of the Hercules film.

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