Best Movies Recommendation Like Crazy Stupid Love

Movies like Crazy Stupid Love. Can you believe Crazy, Stupid, Love first debuted in theaters almost ten years ago? Along with being the film that had the smart idea to mix Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone together first, the 2011 romantic comedy is jam-packed with unforgettable lines and scenes. We’re looking at some of the best films that have a similar mood as the ensemble romantic comedy celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2021. We’re confident that these 8 films will be ideal matches for you as well. Regardless of how many times you’ve seen Crazy, Stupid, Love or how recently you’ve heard of it.

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1. 10 Things I Hate About You

Hannah and Jacob from Crazy, Stupid, Love have a tough beginning, but as their relationship develops, he learns to express his emotions and she learns to put other things above work. In 10 Things I Hate About You, the high school atmosphere allows Kat and Patrick’s hostile banter to develop into a relationship that aids both of them in making positive life changes.

2. Always Be My Maybe

If you prefer the more scathing side of romantic comedy than Crazy, Stupid, Love exhibits, Always My Maybe is a fantastic choice. No holds barred in its criticism of its leads, the tale of two childhood best friends who reunite as adults after a blowout battle tears them apart is nevertheless hysterically funny with unexpected turns.

3. Definitely, Maybe

More than merely the use of commas in the titles, the two films have a lot in common. Definitely, Maybe, like Crazy, Stupid, Love, manages to keep a surprise under wraps as a divorced father tells his daughter the tale of his three prior loves in order for her to identify which one is her mother. Romantic comedies don’t frequently include true narrative twists.

4. Movies like Crazy Stupid Love: Easy A

Easy A is what you get when you combine Emma Stone’s sarcastic leading-lady charm with a teen comedy. It’s simple to picture Olive as the Crazy, Stupid, Love character as a teenager: ambitious, too intelligent for her own good, and with a love life that has spiraled out of control.

5. How Do You Know

Crazy, Stupid, Love addresses both the mistakes people make when they’re under pressure and the inherent messiness of combining the personal and the professional. The romantic comedy How Do You Know, about a talented softball player who goes into a tailspin after being let go from the team, is similarly driven by these issues. She begins dating a conceited baseball player before falling for a businessman who has his own pressing professional problems.

6. Movies like Crazy Stupid Love: Set It Up

This Netflix rom-com has more of the clever banter you adore from Crazy, Stupid, adore. Two exhausted assistants to workaholic employers, Harper and Charlie, concoct a plan to get their bosses together so they can have some downtime. Their strategy forces them to spend a lot more time together. And it turns out that not just their bosses begin experiencing romantic sentiments for them.

7. Someone Great

like the Netflix romantic comedy Crazy, Stupid, Love Multiple love stories are woven together in Someone Great. The romances of three of the best friends are featured in the film in alternating scenes: Jenny, whose boyfriend dumps her after she accepts her dream job in another city; Erin, who lacks the courage to confess her feelings to her girlfriend; and Blair, who is dealing with the end of her relationship and an awkward attraction to a coworker.

8. Movies like Crazy Stupid Love: Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has you covered if you’re looking for a romantic comedy with an even larger cast. The film deals with heartbreak, excitement, and frustration. As it chronicles the intertwining love tales of six different couples on a single Valentine’s Day.

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