Best Movies Tinto Brass: a Lots of Erotic Scene

Best Movies Tinto BrassTinto Brass is a famous Italian director who mainly makes erotic films (some even contain juicy details). All the paintings he created have a high rating, that is, they are worth only “Peeping”, “Caligula”, “Paprika” and others that are still watched with pleasure, especially couples.

In Tinto Brass films, unknown handsome young actors are usually omitted – you have to keep the audience on the screen! From the vulgar in his paintings – exposed body parts, but no details of intimate scenes, his films can be defined in different genres.

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1. Best Movies Tinto Brass : BLACK ANGEL

Best Movies Tinto Brass

The poster for this film is alluring, as always, with Brass style – beautiful actors and intrigue. However, as viewers say, monotonous sex scenes can get boring quickly. But there is in the “black angel” and an indisputable plus – the handsome SS Helmut Schulz in his attractive form …

Italy, 1945. The fascist empire will soon sink into oblivion. In the midst of confusion and chaos, there is a place of love and eroticism – the charming wife of an official, Livia Mazzoni, sets out to find Helmut Schulz, with whom she once had an affair … So the main character finds herself in a whirlpool of sexual adventures and ends up in Venice.


Best Movies Tinto Brass

A film by Tinta Brass “Paprika” encouraged many people to watch because of the poster showing off the main character Paprika. The actress is amazing and she knows it! It moves so naturally in the frame that you don’t understand that you are watching a movie. An extraordinary picture, in which you will definitely not fall asleep.

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The story develops in Italy, in one of the brothels where the main character gets a job. He dives headlong into work and never ceases to delight the audience with his incredible playing. Many difficulties arose on Mima’s path, from which it was not easy to get out … The groom, who promised that her stay in the brothel was only temporary, deceived her and disappeared, and then the girl decided to make her work a life profession …


Best Movies Tinto Brass

History repeats itself over time – in the center of the plot there is again a dissatisfied wife, exhausted by lust. the main character of “Monamour: My Love” – a typical femme fatale, when looking at which men try to evaluate her from all angles. She is a beautiful blonde with a special charm…

The couple is at the center of the story. The girl Martha and her lover Leon, live in Venice. Their romance was only 5 days old, and their feelings were getting stronger every minute… But there was one circumstance that Leon didn’t know about – the girl had a husband who guessed that his wife was cheating on him. What is curious is that the actress who plays the main character comes from the Soviet Union.

4. Best Movies Tinto Brass: O WOMEN!

Best Movies Tinto Brass

This film is light erotica, and with elements of comedy. The film “O women!” divided into 6 mini-comedy erotic stories about a couple in love who try to freshen up their relationship with unusual tricks. We’ll see faded love, betrayal, and lies – in the style of the legendary maestro.

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Tinto shot the film in the spirit of the glamorous 70s, as evidenced by the color scheme. There are overly explicit scenes here, but they’re not distracting. Everything is filmed very beautifully, of course, there is no such rudeness. The picture was created, apparently, to give in to the spell of sin lying on the sofa or enjoy each frame alone, because Tinto Brass has stupid sexual fantasies!