Best War Films Recommendations like Black Hawk Down

Films like Black Hawk Down – There is nothing profitable in a war. Losing turns to charcoal, winning turns to ashes. Yes, war is always detrimental. However, we must not close our eyes to the fact that war is something that has an influence on shaping the past, present and possible future of a group. Therefore, there are many filmmakers and film lovers to enjoy it. Most of us definitely like war films. Therefore, here are some recommendations for war films that you can watch.

Black Hawk Down might more accurately described as a film with continuous battle scenes rather than a war film. However, it is the relentless violence that makes Black Hawk Down a war film. This film directed by Ridley Scott, who focused more on the visuals and didn’t have much of a story in it. Black Hawk Down adapted from the book of the same title, which depicts the events of the Battle of Mogadishu. Instead of being an anti-war film, this film is actually a neat and visually impressive action film. The film is more like a heroic army recruiting video than trying to provide insight into the horrors of war. While that may sound negative, there’s no denying that this film very well made.

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Films like Black Hawk Down

1. The Longest Day

The film The Longest Day is a film that tells the story of the D-Day landings in Normandy on June 6 1944, during World War II. By adopting a drama documentation style, The Longest Day packs every action shown very beautifully. This film so stunning that The Longest Day nominated for 5 prestigious Academy Awards and won 2 categories in that event, namely Cinematography and also the film with the best Special Effects of its time.

2. The Great Escape

Next, there a film adapted from a non-fiction book written by Paul Brickhil with the same title. The story of The Great Escape is about the mass escape of prisoners of war in camps in Poland during World War II. It is no longer a secret that the film The Great Escape was an extraordinary commercial success. The Great Escape was even very successful at the Box Office even though it did not receive much praise from film critics at the time of its release. However, in the years since, its critical stature has grown significantly and it now considered one of the greatest classics ever made.

3. 13 Hours : The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi

For those of you who are curious about what it’s like to a soldier sent overseas, maybe this film can answer your question. This film, which set in Benghazi, tells the story of six soldiers who have to defend the US diplomatic base because it is being attacked by an unknown group. They have to defend the base from this group until reinforcements come to help them. As the title suggests, they wait for 13 hours.

4. White House Down

The next film that should be on your wishlist is the film White House Down. This film begins when tourists are touring the White House, then a hostage situation occurs by a group of terrorists. A policeman who was there tried to save his daughter and the President who were also being held hostage.

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