Synopsis and Review Dew The Movie (2019) – Dew The Movie. Dew a Thai film released in 2019. The title itself matches the name of the main character in this film. This film tells the story of two boys who were friends in 1996, when they were 17 years old. They were so close that they fell in love with each other, but in that year, same-sex feelings were very taboo, so they decided to close their relationship tightly and split up. They were then reunited in 2019. They met when they already had their own new lives.

Throughout the film, we will presented with the styles of typical Thai schoolchildren and how teenage conflicts are resolved. This film also presents what someone thinks when they realize that they are gay for the first time. How did the family respond? How do people around you respond?

Synopsis Dew The Movie

That morning a rally held at school, and their school principal announced that in their city there had been an increase in HIV/AIDS cases, especially among homosexuals, and therefore there a new policy from the government to hold a kind of military training. His training assisted by soldiers and psychiatrists.

Oh yes, Dew only lives alone with his mother, and his mother really loves him. Phop comes from a large family with complete parents and two older brothers. Phop’s father is a gentleman with a firm temperament who is quite rough with his family.

The next day, Dew went to school accompanied by his mother. The day went on as usual at school, and when it was time to go home, Dew waited for Phop to return his uniform. Here, Dew Codes wanted to ride Phop’s motorcycle again, but when he was in the middle of giving out the code, suddenly an army truck came and dropped off homosexual kids who had just returned from training. Seeing these children, Phop and Dew went straight home, not excited.

A few days later, the Phop class and the Dew class were combined to learn salsa dancing together. The teacher instructs the boys to pair up with the girls and vice versa. Phop didn’t manage to get a partner at that time, but Dew secretly came, and they finally became dance partners. At first they danced awkwardly until they stomped their feet, but after a while they weren’t awkward anymore and started to dare to look each other in the eye. Here, Dew apologized because he rubbed Phop’s clothes too fast while washing them, so they tore. From then on, they became very close friends.


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