End Story The Wind Rises, Last Movie Hayao Miyazaki !

Thelongestfilm.com – End Story The Wind Rises. The Wind Rises a Japanese animated film directed by Hayao Miyazaki and produced by Studio Ghibli that released on July 20, 2013.

This film adapted from a manga of the same name, which comes from a short story by Tatsue Hori, who a journalist, translator, and poet from the Showa era.

Films are about war, but they are not war films. Hayao Miyazaki wanted to present Jiro Horikoshi’s passion for flying; he has a background in 20th-century Japanese militarism.

The players involved in this film are Hideako Anno, who plays Jiro Horikoshi. There is Nomura Mansai, who plays Giovanni Battista Caproni, a legendary aviation expert from Italy. Miori Takimoto plays Naoko, the female satomi who is in love with Jiro Horikoshi.

End Story The Wind Rises

Jiro Horikoshi is a boy who comes from a small town. He dreams of being able to fly over the house using an airplane that looks like a bird. After flying for a while, suddenly a very large ship appeared from behind the clouds and dropped a bomb.

The plane that Jiro was flying destroyed, and he fell to the ground and then woke up. Later, in an English airplane magazine he borrowed from a schoolteacher, Jiro reads about an Italian airplane designer named Caproni.

Jiro Horikoshi then had another dream of meeting Caproni, who surprised that a Japanese boy had come to disturb his dreams. The two of them finally realized they had the same dream.

Here, Caproni tells Jiro that kids with glasses can’t be pilots and suggests that they should just become pilot engineers. Jiro finally woke up and decided that after growing up, he would build an airplane.

As an adult, Jiro moved to Tokyo to study to be an engineer, and he also met Naoko, who was accompanied by one of his maids. The next story is that Jiro gets a job at an airplane factory. He returned to his dream of becoming a designer of brighter, safer, and better aircraft.

His inventions can advance the aircraft company where he works, and Jiro then sent to Germany to study. There, he met Naoko at a summer resort in Karuizawa and proposed to her. It turns out that Naoko is sick and has tuberculosis. He did not want to get married before he recovered. After being treated at a sanitarium, Naoko visits Jiro and gets married.

Well, at the end of this story, Jiro, who has nightmares about the plane he designed, has caused death. There is Caproni, who comforts him and says that his childhood dream has come true, and Naoko also advises him. After Naoko leaves, Jiro thanks Caproni for all the clues he’s received.

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