Family Movie Review about Christmas: I Heard the Bells – Review I Heard the Bells. Watching movies is a fun activity that can be done when you have free time. What’s more, there are many films with certain themes that tell touching stories.

One of them is the film I Heard the Bells which carries a family story. Coupled with the acting of great actors so that the storyline can flow and make the audience stunned.

Christmas Family Movie

Family film by director Joshua Enck which presents an exciting and memorable story. Provides a viewing experience that is hard to forget.

I heard the Bells airs with a duration of 1 hour and 50 minutes. Starring several well-known actors such as Jonathan Blair, Rachel Day Hughes, and Stephen Atherholt.

If you are curious and interested in watching this film, you should read the review regarding the synopsis which will be explained in the article below.

I Heard the Bells Review

Henry Wadworth Longfellow was a famous American poet in the 1800’s. One of his best known works is Paul Revere’s Ride.

In the eyes of his children, Henry was an energetic and loving father. He would always make the atmosphere of the house warm with his laughter, chatter, and songs.

Until a tragedy occurs, One of his closest family members died and made Henry sink into deep sorrow. He began to question life and even promised not to write again.

The film I Heard the Bells tells the story of Henry going through the recovery process from his prolonged grief. Until, finally, he gave birth to a letter that we now know as the legendary Christmas song entitled ‘Christmas Bells’.

This work by production house Sight & Sound tells the story of the process of writing a poem called Christmas Bells by Henry Wadworth Longfellow, which was later put to music and turned into the Christmas carol I Heard the Bells in Christmas Carol.

Before this verse appeared, Henry had to struggle with the grief he was experiencing. He lay in bed for a long time, depressed and hopeless.

Through this film, we are invited to question how someone can struggle through grief. Henry himself got through it through faith.

I Heard the Bells is a family film that depicts the magnitude of a father’s love for his family and how we are taught to go through a period of loss without losing hope and faith.

The plot of this film will also keep you guessing until the end. You could even say that this Christmas film is very different from most other Christian films that already exist.

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