Michelle Pfeiffer 11 Best Films: A Career Over Four Decades

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Michelle Pfeiffer is an American actress. Born in the big city of California, Michelle Pfeiffer did not immediately dream of becoming a movie star. He completed his studies at Golden West College, where he was a member of the Alpha Delta Pi campus. While in college, he worked at the Vons supermarket.

After graduating from college, he briefly became a court stenographer. Pfeiffer then decided to enter the Miss Orange County beauty pageant and came out victorious.

Continuing into the Miss California pageant, she ended up in 6th place. But at least, it was from this contest that the road to his acting career began to open.

After 6 films he went through as extras and supporting actors, Pfeiffer got the main role in The film Grease 2 (1982) whose quality was far below the first film.

But after that, his acting charm was able to anesthetize the audience. His acting performance is getting better and better, so much so that he has been nominated several times at various film awards.

Michelle Pfeiffer has had a glorious career for more than four decades and is often considered a sex symbol in Hollywood cinema.

The following is a series of films starring Michelle Pfeiffer.

1. The Fabulous Baker Boys

Michelle Pfeiffer 11 Best Films: A Career Over Four Decades

Coming at just the right time, former escort Susie Diamond is the new key to success for The Fabulous Baker Boys. However, his closeness to Jack angers Frank for being seen as unprofessional.

In order to deepen her role in this film directed by Steve Kloves, Michelle Pfeiffer had to do vocal training for 4 months. And amazingly, he managed to sing all the songs in this film well.

Her acting performance is considered on par with Rita Hayworth in the film Gilda and Marilyn Monroe in the film Some Like It Hot. So it’s only natural that Pfeiffer was then nominated in the Best Actress category at the Academy Awards. He also managed to bring home a victory at the Golden Globe Awards in the same category.

2. The Age of Innocence

Michelle Pfeiffer 11 Best Films: A Career Over Four Decades

Returning to New York after her troubled European marriage, Countess Ellen Olenska captivates the Newland Archer. Archer becomes doubtful about his planned marriage to May Welland, Ellen’s cousin, although Archer and May eventually marry.

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This romantic drama film with a historical background is an adaptation of the novel by Edith Wharton, which was published in 1920. Her acting synergy with Daniel Day-Lewis and Winona Ryder led her to be nominated again at the Golden Globe Awards in the Best Actress category.

3. Dangerous Liaisons

Michelle Pfeiffer 11 Best Films: A Career Over Four Decades

Madame de Tourvel is the wife of a member of parliament whose husband is on assignment out of town. She was courted by the Vicomte de Valmont, a playboy, who made her a bet with the Marquise de Merteuil.

Michelle Pfeiffer got a role in this romantic drama thanks to Jonathan Demme’s recommendation to Stephen Frears.

be a game full of seduction. As a result, Pfeiffer got her first Oscar nomination in the category of “Best Supporting Actress”.

4. Hairspray (2007)

Michelle Pfeiffer 11 Best Films: A Career Over Four Decades

As the manager of WYZT television station, Velma Von Tussle is very ambitious to further the career of her daughter, Amber. But the way he took it was out of line and justified any means.

She makes new rules about segregation in the studio, even blocking other contestants who are her daughter’s strong competition from entering the studio.

This romantic comedy film with musical overtones is Michelle Pfeiffer’s comeback after several years of rest. He considered his role this time difficult to present because it has a racist nature. However, critics consider his performance very slick in this film directed by Adam Shankman.

5. Scarface

Michelle Pfeiffer 11 Best Films: A Career Over Four Decades

Elvira is the wife of Frank, a drug lord in Miami. He is favored by Tony Montana, Frank’s Cuban man. She married Tony after Frank was murdered and Tony took over his power. Elvira, who is addicted to drugs, leaves Tony after being humiliated while eating at a restaurant.

Michelle Pfeiffer received a positive response for her role as Elvira in this film by Brian De Palma. Even though his role was not that big, his performance stole the attention of the audience and critics, who immediately predicted that he would become a film star with a brightly shining career.

6. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania

Michelle Pfeiffer 11 Best Films: A Career Over Four Decades

Through the intermediary of Scott Lang, Janet van Dyne can communicate with Hank and Hope from the quantum realm. 30 years is not a short time, and a woman’s longing can no longer be restrained to be able to meet the people she loves again. Hank manages to transmit the coordinates and picks him up at the right time.

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Although the figure of Janet has been shown briefly in the film Ant-Man, it is only in this sequel that Janet’s story becomes the focus of the story, even though she only appears in full at the end of the film.

Michelle Pfeiffer has succeeded in answering the expectations of all Marvel fans for a strong woman whose longing overflows when she meets her beloved husband.

7. Married to the Mob

Michelle Pfeiffer 11 Best Films: A Career Over Four Decades

Angela De Marco wants to get out of the mafia circle after her husband is murdered. But it’s not that easy for him to escape from Don Tony’s clutches. He was accused of taking Don Tony’s property by his wife, who made death threats against him.

Michelle Pfeiffer returns to play the character of a mobster’s wife. In this Jonathan Demme-directed film, he wears a wig and speaks with a Brooklyn accent.

For her acting performance in the film, which also starred Matthew Modine and Alec Baldwin, Michelle Pfeiffer received her first nomination at the Golden Globe Awards in the Best Actress category.

8. Batman Returns

Batman Returns

Knowing the evil plans of her boss, Max Shreck, Selina Kyle was about to be killed by pushing her from the office window. But she is still alive and holding a grudge by becoming Catwoman.

As Selina, she became Bruce Wayne’s girlfriend. But as Catwoman, she becomes Oswald’s ally against Batman.

To play Catwoman, Michelle Pfeiffer trained in martial arts and kickboxing. With a costume made of leather with visible seams, it makes the impression of burning revenge look so psychologically deep. Until now, Michelle Pfeiffer’s version of Catwoman has been considered the best.

9. Stardust


Through a crack in the wall in the English countryside, boys can visit the fantasy kingdom of Stormhold. There, the boy turned into a man. He chases after a shooting star that turns out to be not a chunk of space rock but a beautiful girl named Yvaine.

Returning to being an antagonist in the same year as the film Hairspray (2007), Michelle Pfeiffer appears completely in this romantic fantasy adventure film directed by Matthew Vaughn.

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She was able to display abominations beneath her physical beauty and became one of the scariest witch characters in film history.

10. Where is Kyra?

Where is Kyra?

Kyra loses her job and survives in New York City on her mother’s pension, which she cares for at home.

Not yet able to stand alone, his mother died and made him fall very deep. He works odd jobs and is desperate to pull off a scam that lands him in trouble with law enforcement.

In this independent drama film, Michelle Pfeiffer’s acting is able to drain all her emotions. In a way, his performance in this film is the best since he made his second comeback in 2017.

11. Love Field

Love Field

In order to see President John F. Kennedy in person, Lurene was willing to take the time. On the way, he met a little girl who had wounds on her body. He thought the man with the child was a kidnapper, even though he was the girl’s real father.

In this drama film by Jonathan Kaplan, Michelle Pfeiffer once again displays her excellent acting, even though the film itself is not that good.

Criticized for the inappropriate depiction of racial discrimination at that time in the film, it still managed to deliver Michelle Pfeiffer nominations at the Academy Awards and Golden Globe Awards in the Best Actress category.

Those are the 11 best films starring Michelle Pfeiffer. The charm of his acting is still maintained, and he always manages to make a splash every time he makes a comeback to the film world. Of course, we still hope that Pfeiffer will continue to work on quality films in the future, especially given his role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Have you watched all the films above? It feels like a loss to miss it because Michelle Pfeiffer’s acting performance is very strong, and it’s a shame if you don’t watch it.