Movie Man on Fire Cast and Synopsis You Must Know

Thelongestfilm.comMan on Fire cast and synopsis. Man on Fire tells the story of a former US Marine Corps Forces Captain and CIA agent named John W. Creasy, who is depressed and becomes an alcoholic. One day, he decides to become the personal bodyguard of a child from a wealthy family. The child turns out to give him hope for life again.

This action thriller film was directed by Tony Scott, a director known for the films Top Gun (1986) and True Romance (1993). The screenplay writer for this film is Brian Helgeland.

This 146-minute film is distributed by 20th Century Fox. The film, which was released on April 23, 2004, stars Denzel Washington (John W. Creasy), Dakota Fanning (Lupita Ramos), Christopher Walken (Paul Rayburn), Radha Mitchell (Lisa Ramos), Marc Anthony (Samuel Ramos), and Mickey Rourke (Jordan Kalfus).

According to the IMDB site, Man on Fire has a rating of 7.7/10 with 367,923 reviewers. On the Rotten Tomatoes page, this film received a score of 89 percent from audiences and 38 percent from critics.

Cast and Synopsis of the film Man on Fire

The story of Man on Fire begins with Creasy visiting his old friend Paul Rayburn in Mexico. Knowing Creasy had quit his previous job, during the visit Rayburn offered Creasy’s bodyguard to a child from a wealthy family.

At that time, cases of child abduction were rife in Mexico. In fact, it is reported that once every 60 minutes, a child is kidnapped, and 70 percent of the children cannot be saved.

While the situation was understandable to Creasy, he felt he could not accept Rayburn’s job offer. Remembering that he depressed due to his past trauma from his previous job as a US Marine Corps captain and a CIA agent.

His depressive condition made him an alcoholic. He even attempted suicide by shooting a gun. Luckily, the attempt failed because the bullet missed the target.

Even so, Creasy finally accepted the job offer to be a bodyguard. According to his friend, Rayburn, working would allow Creasy to stop being an alcoholic and improve his condition.

At first, Creasy was very close to the child he cared for, Lupita Ramos. But over time, after escorting them in various activities, they became closer. An emotional bond exists between the two. Creasy even stepped in to train Lupita to be more confident when swimming.

As their relationship deepens, bad things happen to Lupita. Lupita kidnapped by a group of people after piano lessons.

Creasy’s bodyguard was already acting properly. Creasy even seriously injured until he lost consciousness when he attacked Lupita’s kidnapper.

However, after Creasy regained consciousness and began to recover from his injuries, he named a suspect in Lupita’s kidnapping. Even so, he continues to search for Lupita.

In the midst of the search, he finds a clue that Lupita’s kidnapping involves corrupt officials, police, and criminals. Creasy also dug deeper into the information until he found out about Samuel Ramos’ involvement in the kidnapping of his son.

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