Shaun on the Dead Review and Synopsis

Synopsis Shaun on the Dead – Who hasn’t heard of zombies? Creatures that come back to life after being infected by a virus are often featured on the big screen and in video games.

The most famous zombie film is The Dead franchise created by George A. Romero. The Dead produced three of the most iconic zombie films, namely Night of the Living Dead, Day of the Dead and Dawn of the Dead

In England, Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright wrote a screenplay for the film Shaun of the Dead which was their appreciation of Romero’s work. When the film was successfully made, Wright sought Romero’s approval for release. What kind of synopsis and film review do you approve of for zombie films? Just take a look, come on!

Synopsis Shaun on the Dead

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Synopsis Shaun on the Dead

In Crouch End, North London, Shaun works as an electronics salesman. He lives in an apartment with his childhood friend, Ed, as well as his college friend, Pete. Shaun’s girlfriend, Liz, asked Shaun to keep all his promises, starting from quitting smoking, exercising regularly and spending time with her.

In the family, Shaun doesn’t get along with his stepfather, Philip, and hasn’t visited his mother, Barbara, for a long time. At work, Shaun is not appreciated at all, including by the new employee, Noel. Shaun goes on a date with Liz at Shaun’s favorite pub, the Winchester. He promises to take Liz out to dinner the next day.

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At work, Shaun is met by Philip who asks Shaun to take the time to meet Barbara. She asks Shaun to bring Barbara’s favorite flowers.

Synopsis Shaun on the Dead

Shaun forgot to make a reservation for dinner

Busy looking for flowers for his mother, Shaun forgot to make a reservation for dinner. He tries to apologize to Liz but Liz chooses to break up with Shaun.

Feeling confused, Shaun, accompanied by Ed, spends time at Winchester. When they came home, they partied by playing loud music. Pete is angry because his sleep was disturbed. He asked Shaun to start thinking about life, which was becoming increasingly directionless with Ed’s presence. Apart from that, he complained about the injuries he received when someone almost robbed him.

In the morning, Shaun went shopping for drinks at the minimarket near his apartment. The streets were empty and some people started walking in unusual ways. Back at the apartment, he and Ed watch the news which states that London is turning into a zombie city. They didn’t take the news seriously until they saw two zombies in the apartment yard.

Synopsis Shaun on the Dead

Shaun knows how to kill Zombies

From the news, Shaun and Ed learn that the way to kill zombies is to cut off their heads or destroy their brains. Shaun and Ed kill two zombies in the yard using a baseball bat and a hoe. They plan to save Liz and Barbara then wait for safety in their favorite place, Winchester.

Shaun and Ed use Pete’s car to pick up Barbara. They managed to pick up Barbara and Philip but Philip had been bitten by a zombie. Shaun, Ed and Barbara use Philip’s car to pick up Liz and her two friends, David and Dianne. Togetherness improves Shaun and Philip’s relationship, but Philip then turns into a zombie.

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Streets filled with Zombies

Shaun and his group try to make their way through the streets of London but they are filled with zombies. They left the car and walked through the houses. To get past the zombie herd, they pretend to be zombies. Shaun and his group finally arrived at Winchester to wait for conditions to be safe. They must try not to make much noise so that their presence in Winchester is not known by the zombies. Shaun has to leave the pub to get some food supplies. It turns out that Liz has been bitten by a zombie and will soon change if she is not killed. What will Shaun do? Can he save those closest to him?