Synopsis and Cast Disturbed the Movie 2017

Synopsis and Cast Disturbed the Movie – The film Disturbed (2017) a film that is planned to released in 2017. The film itself helmed by two directors named Yegavaani Parmason and Nakkeeran Parry. And it turns out that Yegavaani Parmason and Nakkeeran Parry are not only the directors in the process of making this film, but they are also the writers of the story scenarios in this film.

In addition, several well-known star players also adorn this film. They include Mirabel Stuart, Kevin Leslie, Olivia Kate including Nakkeeran Parry. This 2017 film has as many as three genres that collaborate with one another, and these genres are quite in demand by film lovers and the genre, namely Horror | mystery | Thriller.

The film, which was shot on location in Swindon, was made by the British state and produced by a company engaged in the film industry called Keeran Vaani Creations. The film, which has spent a budget of £ 50,000 (estimated), has a duration of around 102 minutes and is planned to be shown on January 24, 2017 in England.

Synopsis Film Disturbed (2017)

Synopsis Film Disturbed (2017) Tells the story of a man, where this man named Zach Valavan. Zach just woke up from a long coma. All of that happened because of a fatal accident that almost took his life. Now he given a second chance, and finally Zach is prepared to return to his life as before.

Apart from that, the feeling of longing for his wife so high and enormous that he made Zach decide to leave the hospital where he was being treated early. With the new feeling he’s feeling right now mixed with happiness Zach can finally return to his old life, as before.

However, when night came something very strange happened. Where Zach couldn’t sleep at all, and not only that, something strange started to happen to him that night. What’s the next story like? Please watch this Disturbed (2017) movie.

Disturbed (2017) Movie Details

  • Director : Yegavaani Parmason, Nakkeeran Parry
  • Author : Yegavaani Parmason, Nakkeeran Parry
  • Producer : –
  • Star Cast: Nakkeeran Parry, Mirabel Stuart, Kevin Leslie
  • Film Genres: Horror, Mystery, Thriller
  • Broadcast Date : 24 January 2017 (UK)
  • Country : UK
  • Production : Keeran Vaani Creations
  • Language : English, Tamil

Disturbed Movie Cast (2017)

  • Nakkeeran Parry as Zach Valavan
  • Mirabel Stuart as Tasha
  • Kevin Leslie as Kevin
  • Olivia Kate as Olivia

Synopsis and Cast Disturbed the Movie

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