Synopsis and Review of Creed III (2023)

Review Creed III – Creed III tells the story of Adonis Creed, who is now a boxing legend and has a harmonious life with his family. However, the trouble began when Adonis’s old friend, Dame Anderson, returned after 18 years in prison and also wanted to be a boxing champion. Adonis must also face Dame, his friend and a boxer who is not afraid to lose.

Review Creed III

A boxing drama that feels very personal

In addition to the directing debut of Michael B. Jordan, Creed III is the first film in the Creed series that does not feature Rocky Balboa. (Sylvester Stallone). The reason why Rocky did not appear in this third film is unclear, although in the previous two films he had an important role. However, Rocky’s absence this time just made his story feel more personal.

Moreover, the film has a flashback scene that further explains Adonis’s relationship with Dame before eventually problems arise between them. Treatment flashbacks, which were not in the previous two films, are also important in developing Adonis’ conflict with Dame and bringing the audience closer to their relationship.

Review Creed III

(Review Creed III) Jonathan Majors is out

Despite being antagonistic, Jonathan Majors managed to make Dame Anderson a character capable of empathizing with the audience and not completely hating him. Jonathan Majors really succeeded in stunning the audience with this film.

Cinematography and scoring that make the scene more dramatic

Review Creed III

This visual style really makes his fighting scene feel more emotional and intense.

Generally speaking, Creed III managed to get rid of the shadows of Rocky Balboa and successfully present a story that feels more personal and emotional.