Synopsis and Review Pulp Fiction Movie – Review Pulp Fiction Movie. Pulp Fiction is a crime drama film directed by Quentin Tarantino. The film follows the intersecting lives of three characters: Butch, Marsellus, and Jules. When two gangsters named Butch and Marsellus go after a briefcase filled with money, they soon find themselves in deep trouble with their boss, a man known as Marcellus Wallace. Wallace wants his money back, and he’s not afraid to kill anyone who gets in his way.

Meanwhile, a man named Jules is on a mission to find some stolen drugs. He’s not worried about getting killed because he’s convinced that he’s already living in heaven. And a woman named Mia is in trouble with her husband, a man named Vincent. Vincent doesn’t like it when Mia does drugs, and he’s not afraid to use violence to make her stop.

These three characters are all brought together when Butch and Marsellus kidnap Mia for ransom. Vincent comes to her rescue, but things quickly spiral out of control, and the characters are forced to face off against each other in a bloody battle for survival.

Use of Non-Linear Flow and Long Dialogues

Synopsis and Review Pulp Fiction Movie

Quentin Tarantino is known as a director who often uses non-linear plots in the films he works on. Pulp Fiction is one of them, second only to Reservoir Dogs.

But what makes Pulp Fiction more memorable is Tarantino’s courage in making seven randomly arranged sequences.

We, as spectators, will be taken through a story that skips around. New characters will appear in each sequence.

But the many characters don’t necessarily make the story confusing because each sequence will immediately find a solution. We just have to remember and think about which sequence will fit into which puzzle piece.

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In terms of character depth, each gets a portion that is quite strong. No background is explored but replaced with their respective goals after committing a crime.

The deepening of the character is carried out with long dialogues, even though they change over time as the story is unpredictable but still in reasonable portions.

Review Pulp Fiction Movie : Unique Cinematography

Synopsis and Review Pulp Fiction Movie

Pulp Fiction will probably continue to be talked about because it is so brilliant at conveying stories. Moreover, this film was released in 1994. At that time, there were not as many film references as there are now.

So it is with the audience of the film. Pulp Fiction was one of the best films that decade had. In fact, it is still often talked about to this day, more than twenty years after its release.

In terms of cinematography, this film also provides a unique presentation. There is a scene where Butch meets Marsellus. The over-the-shoulder shot technique is used differently from the others.

The reason is that Butch was made into a blur, and then the camera focused more on the back of Marsellus’ head, complete with a bandage behind his neck. This method is effective in making Marsellus’ figure feel mysterious.

One of the most iconic scenes from this film is the dance performed by John Travolta as Vincent and Uma Thurman as Mia. They take part in a dance competition on Jack Rabbit Slim.

As they dance to Chuck Berry’s You Never Can Tell, the scene is shot in wide shot. That is Tarantino’s style of inserting references to the film he has watched, namely Bande A Part.

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The scene that should not be forgotten is when Jules drinks a soft drink before killing Kamer highlighted Jules for quite a while, as if increasing the tension being faced by his victims. While Jules’ eyes did not show a tense look.

Satire of the Criminal World

Synopsis and Review Pulp Fiction Movie

Apart from using non-linear plots, Pulp Fiction is also Tarantino’s blueprint for his films. The dialogue is long and doesn’t seem very important, but it’s also included.

As this film is in the black comedy genre, the dialogue is used as satire as well as to reinforce the idea that the criminals are ordinary people who can discuss things that most people don’t think of.

This film by Tarantino seems to want to reverse the perception of criminals. Jules and Vincent talk about burgers and foot massages before killing.

Marsellus almost became the victim of the rapes of two men. Vincent and Jules are forced to wear T-shirts that make them look less scary.

Pulp Fiction is a cult film that manages to divide the audience between hating it and loving it. The duration of 154 minutes will feel so long, but if you manage to follow it carefully, there will be satisfaction when the film is over.