Synopsis & Review of The Scorpion King (2002), Film on Netflix

The Scorpion King – A desert knight rises against the evil lord who destroyed his homeland. He captured the magician who was the key to his enemy’s victory, took him to the middle of the desert, and prepared a major attack. Starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, this prequel to The Mummy was at the top of the weekly box-office in America.

The Scorpion King is Dwayne Johnson’s first film as a leading actor, where he revives the character he played in The Mummy Returns (2001). The story of this film takes place 5,000 years before the story in The Mummy (1999) which tells the beginning of his power in Egypt.

Of course, this film features exciting action and fight scenes, especially starring a famous former SmackDown athlete. Check out our review below about this desert-inspired film with a historical background in Ancient Egypt which is currently showing on Netflix.

The Scorpion King

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Synopsis The Scorpion King

Egypt, before the pyramids existed, an army of warriors from the East led by Memnon, a cruel ruler, invaded and conquered several tribes to expand their power. All the victories he achieved were thanks to predictions from the female magician by his side. The few remaining tribes allied to end this conquest.

Mathayus (Dwayne Johnson) and his two brothers from the Akkadian tribe were hired by them to kill the witch. The three of them infiltrated the camp where Memnon and his troops were resting after fighting. Unfortunately for his two brothers, they died at the hands of Memnon and Takmet who betrayed their father and their tribe.

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Mathayus punished by having his body buried in the desert and only his head left on the surface to covered by red ants later. With the help of his fellow prisoners, Mathayus managed to escape and headed to Gomorrah, the city where Memnon was located.

The Scorpion King

Assassination Mission Failed

With the help of a small child and a royal scientist, Mathayus almost succeeded in killing Memnon. His assassination mission failed because he chose to save the little boy who showed him the way from the king’s punishment.

After successfully escaping the pursuit of Memnon’s soldiers, Mathayus kidnapped the wizard and left the city for the Valley of Death. On the way, Memnon’s troops attacked Mathayus in the midst of a desert storm and entered the cave.

Even though he succeeded in defeating the troops, Mathayus hit by scorpion poison which was implanted in his leg by the army commander’s arrow. Cassandra (Kelly Hu), the witch, saves Mathayus’ life with her magic. Then they met Philos, a royal scientist who had escaped from the city, who had succeeded in making explosives from gunpowder and salt.

They then captured by a tribe led by Balthazar (Michael Clarke Duncan) and fight against him. Mathayus earned Balthazar’s respect for his victory and allowed them to stay there. Cassandra has a dream about Memnon attacking them. To avoid that, Cassandra returns to the city alone.

The Scorpion King

Mathayus’ plan

Meanwhile, Mathayus and his friends and the Nubian knights led by Balthazar hatch a plan to infiltrate the city of Gomorrah. In the battle, Mathayus fought with Memnon, Balthazar with Takmet, and Philos prepared explosives to blow up the foundations of the palace.

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Mathayus pierced by an arrow, in accordance with Cassandra’s prediction, but does not die. He shot an arrow at Memnon who thrown over the edge of the palace which exploding so he burned to death. At that time, Mathayus immediately crowned as their new king, nicknamed The Scorpion King, according to the previous prediction of their elders.