The 8 Best Halloween Movies for Teen

Thelongestfilm – Halloween Movies for Teen. October means a Halloween-themed horror film. One of them is Halloween Ends, which is the sequel to the most popular Halloween film of all time, Halloween’s Kills.

Since 1978, the Halloween film has become a franchise whose story fans have always been waiting for. For more than 40 years, Halloween has had various stories with various endings.

But broadly speaking, this film tells the battle between Michael Myers and Lauren Strode. Now the Halloween film franchise has reached its final installment in the film Halloween’s End, which will be the closing of the H40 trilogy.

List of Scariest Halloween Movies for Teen

You can watch some of the following recommendations for the scariest Halloween movies that are perfect for watching during Halloween!

1. Halloween ends (2022)

Halloween’s End is the final film in the H40 trilogy and the sequel to Halloween Kills (2021). This film will be the end of Laurie Strode’s battle with Michael Myers, and only one of them will survive.

Set four years after Halloween Kills, Laurie begins to live her life in peace and frees herself from fear. However, this did not last long when Corey was accused of killing a boy he was caring for. The accusations led to various acts of violence and terror that forced Laurie to face crime again. He sensed Michael coming back, watching, and targeting him. Will Laurie survive Michael’s attacks?

2. Hubie Halloween (2020)

This film stars popular actor Adam Sandler as Hubie Dubois, a man who is often bullied in his city. Even though he is always ostracized, he always keeps the city comfortable so that everyone can have a fun Halloween celebration.

When the residents of his city disappeared one by one, he tried to find these people and convince the residents that there were monsters around them.

3. Pet Sematary (2019)

The film Pet Sematary tells the story of a doctor named Louis, who has just moved to a small town with his wife, two children, and their pet cat, Church. On Halloween night, Church is killed by an oncoming truck and buried in an ancient cemetery, which is also near the forest.

The next day, Church returns to Louis’ house alive and much more aggressive. Because of that incident, Louis saw a way and an opportunity to manipulate the deaths of his family members.

4.Halloween (2018)

The 2018 Halloween film tells the story of Jamie Lee Curtis, who plays Laurie Strode, a woman who survived a mass murder in 1978.

Laurie Strode still has anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder after the incident 40 years ago. With this feeling of anxiety, he prepared a revenge plan against the serial killer, Michael Myers, who acted on Halloween night.

5. It (2017)

The film It tells about a teenager named Georgie (Jackson Robert Scott). Georgie mysteriously goes missing while playing paper boats in a ditch near her house.

a group called The Losers Club, which consists of Richie (Finn Wolfhard), Stanley (Wyatt Oleff), Eddie (Jack Grazer), Mike (Chosen Jacob), Ben (Jeremy Taylor), and Beverly (Sophia Lillis).

They go on an adventure to solve the mysteries that exist in their city, and it turns out that the terror originates from a clown who calls himself Pennywise.

6. Tales of Halloween (2015)

Tales of Halloween is a film that tells about events on Halloween night in an American suburb that is terrorized by ghosts, aliens, and even an ax killer.

Behind the Halloween party, this film also tells 10 short stories that describe disturbances on Halloween, such as death, pranksters, terror, and other strange events. Even though it looks terrible, there are no bloody scenes in this film, Toppers.

7. Trick or Treat (2007)

Trick or Treat a film about five disconnected stories that take place on Halloween night. However, all five of these stories have a connection with the presence of Sam, a mysterious-looking boy who wears loose orange pajamas with a burlap sack over his head.

Sam really likes and adheres to Halloween traditions, so he will harm anyone who violates Halloween.

8. Halloween (1978)

On Halloween night in 1968, the police got a phone call from 43 Lampkin Lane, only to find that 6-year-old Michael Myers had brutally killed his older sister, 17-year-old Judith, and sentenced to 15 years in prison.

However, in October 1978, Michael stole a car and fled from Smiths Grove. He returns to his native Hoddenfield and searches for survivors.

So that’s the recommendation for the most popular Halloween movies besides Halloween Kills, which is very exciting and tense. These films can be an option to welcome Halloween, which regularly held at the end of October.

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