10 Best Movies About the Tsunami Disaster, Dare to watch?

Thelongestfilm.com Best tsunami movies. Natural disasters are indeed events that humans cannot predict accurately. The frequent occurrence of natural disasters around the world inspires filmmakers around the world to address the issue of disasters in a film. One of the disasters that we often hear about is the tsunami.

  ‘Tsunami’ itself means big wave in Japanese. The tsunami that has occurred in several countries, including Indonesia, has shown its tremendous power. So, this time, Bacaterus will share information about 10 tsunami-themed films that you must watch. Here is the list:

1. The Impossible, Best Tsunami Movies

The Impossible is a work by Juan Antonio based on the true story of a Spanish family named Enrique Alvarez and his wife Maria Belon. The film stars Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts.

It tells the story of a family celebrating Christmas with a vacation in Thailand. While staying at a villa on the shoreline, an unexpected tsunami occurred, which separated the family.

Apart from showing tense scenes during a disaster, this film also raises humanitarian issues that can inspire the audience. The tenacity of the husband and wife’s struggle to stay alive in the midst of a disaster makes this film interesting to watch.

2. The Wave, Best Tsunami Movies

This film tells the story of a geologist named Kristian Eikjord. Kristian had actually predicted that there would be a disaster due to the cracks that occurred on Mount Akneset. However, before he decided to leave the place, Mount Akneset collapsed, creating an 85-meter-high tsunami in the city. He and his family had to be separated because of the disaster.

Taking the background of a town called Geirenger in Norway, This film managed to amaze the audience with its natural beauty. This tsunami-themed film released in 2015 is indeed quite tense. So it’s not wrong if this film is an interesting one to watch.

3. San Andreas, Best Tsunami Movies

This film is narrated by actor Dwayne Johnson, a rescue helicopter pilot. A geologist named Lawrence was doing research on earthquakes when a disaster occurred in California that killed many people.

Not only that, but the potential for a tsunami as a result of the disaster made everyone panic. Ray, who knew about the situation, tried to save his wife and children, who were in Los Angeles. Featuring cool cinematography, this Hollywood film that tells about the shifting of the San Andreas fault is indeed too good to be missed.

4. The Day After Tomorrow

This sci-fi genre film, released in 2004, tells the story of a major disaster caused by global warming. A climatologist has put forward a theory about extreme temperature changes to the government. However, the government said it was impossible to happen.

Until one day, a big tsunami hit the city of New York. The climatologist’s son, Sam, played by Jack Gyllenhaal, is participating in a competition. He must be stuck with his girlfriend and some people in the library in New York.

Not only that, the expert’s prediction about extreme temperature changes has finally been proven. In no time, the water that flooded the city of New York turned into ice. Can Sam and the people survive the extreme temperatures? This survival film is indeed interesting to watch.

5. 2012

The issue of the apocalypse that shocked 2012 has brought the 2012 film to success. This film, which features many tense scenes, stems from the discovery of a scientist named Dr. Satnam Tsurutani about the heating up of the earth’s core.

Dr. Adrian Helmsley, who knew the information, immediately informed the American president of the impending disaster. The president immediately issued disaster warnings to all world leaders.

On the one hand, a writer named Jackson Curtis, played by John Cusack, is taking his son on vacation to a lake. When he had to be shocked by a natural disaster. He was then given a hint by someone about the existence of an ark that was built secretly by the government.

Did Jackson succeed in taking his family on an ark that could save their lives? The film that shook all the world’s cinemas is indeed a shame not to be seen.

6. Hereafter

This mystery-drama-themed film released in 2010. It tells the story of three people who haunted by death. One story tells of a television journalist from France named Marie, played by Cecile de France, who served in Thailand.

She was shopping for gifts for her children when her husband saw the tsunami waves from his balcony. Marie, who realized the big wave, immediately ran to save herself. However, while he trying to save a little girl’s life, both of them were swept away by the tsunami.

In this near-death state, Marie underwent a spiritual journey that made her meet a mysterious, glowing figure before finally being revived by the rescue team, who gave her a breath of life.

After the disaster, Marie and her husband returned to France. However, since the tsunami, his mental state has become disturbed. So, to see the continuation of the story, you should watch the film yourself!

7. Perfect Storm

Perfect Storm is a film that released in 2000. This film, based on a true story that occurred in 1991, played by George Clooney, who played Billy, a fishing boat captain.

Tells about the struggle of a group of fishermen in dealing with big waves on a fishing boat. The film, which takes place in the middle of the open sea, manages to bring tension to the audience.

The fact that this film managed to get its name into the Oscar nomination for the best visual effects and the best sound effects makes this one film a must watch with the family.

8. Deep Impact

Tells the story of a member of the astronomer club named Leo Biederman, pl, areaayed by Ellijah Wood. After he discovered an alien space object in the Rid area, Virginia. Leo immediately handed over his discovery to an astronomer named Dr. Wolf. In his research, Dr. Wolf discovered that there was a comet that was about to hit the earth.

However, before he could tell this to everyone, he had an accident and died. One year has passed, and the story turns to a young journalist named Jennie Lerner, who lives with her divorced parents. Jennie, who is investigating E.L.E., thought the name was the name of the president’s lover. But after he learned that E.L.E. was an effort to save the earth from a comet collision

The news began to spread, until finally the television station invited Leo for an interview. Dan named the meteor that was about to hit Earth Wolf-Biederman in honor of his discovery. This suspense-filled disaster film has indeed become one of the most successful films in the world.

9. Geostorm, Best Tsunami Movies

Geostorm tells the story of the issue of global warming, which causes many deaths. Starting from earthquakes, floods, and tsunamis to heat waves. Because of the extreme weather that occurs on earth, the United Nations decided to build a space station called Dutch Boy to regulate the extreme weather on Earth.

The effort initiated by a man named Jake Lawson, played by Gerard Butter, was successful. However, because Jake often went against his superiors, he dismissed from the project. A few years later, a strange incident occurred that claimed many lives.

This was allegedly due to a political conspiracy related to the Dutch Boy space satellite. Can Jack solve the mystery that claimed so many lives? Watch the film!

10. Poseidon, Best Tsunami Movies

The last film that we will discuss is Poseidon. The film, which released in 2006, tells the story of a luxury cruise ship named Poseidon. The cruise ship that hit by a huge wave of the tsunami in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean

The struggle of the passengers to save themselves in the bowels of the ship can stimulate the audience’s adrenaline. Did they manage to survive the tsunami waves that swallowed the ship? You will get the answer after watching the film.

So, those 10 tsunami-themed films that you must watch. All disasters that occur could be due to human activity. Hopefully this one film can inspire everyone to protect nature.

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