20 Best Korean Horror Film Recommendations, Complex Stories !

Thelongestfilm.com – Best Korean Horror Film. There are tons of horror movie recommendations that can be your entertainment, horror movie lovers. For example, some of the recommendations for the best Korean horror films Yes, not only can you feel scared, but these films also have very exciting stories to watch.

Most horror films in Korea do have quite complex storylines and are a little complicated to understand. However, for those of you who like puzzles, watching these recommendations for the best Korean horror films can be your choice. There are many interesting stories in several recommendations for this Korean horror film.

What are the recommendations for this Korean horror film? Here are recommendations for the best Korean horror films.


The first recommendation for the best Korean horror film is a film called Whispering Corridors 6: The Humming. This film tells the story of Eun Hee’s life while working at a school that used to be her school.

At the school, he became vice principal. Even though he was once a student and an official at the school, he can no longer remember anything he did at school. At the school, he meets Ha Young, who becomes a victim of bullying but later turns him into a school troublemaker.

One day, Ha Young goes into the closed bathroom and hears the whispers of a ghost that looks like Eun Hee. This makes Ha Young accuse Eun Hee. EunHee suddenly suffers from visual and auditory hallucinations.

This then involved the two of them in a school mystery that had never been revealed. And become one of the recommendations for the best horror Korean films with a tense mystery genre.


Using the background of the Gonjiam mental hospital in South Korea, this recommendation for the best Korean horror films is really not to be missed. The mental hospital is famous for being haunted and has been closed since 1996. And it has become one of the most haunted hospitals in South Korea.

The hospital itself was closed because of the many rumors spreading that many patients and nurses had died miserably. Using the setting of a mental hospital, the film Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum tells the story of a YouTuber and some of his friends challenging themselves to explore the 25-year-old hospital.

Initially, they were fine when they first set foot in the area around the hospital. But as the night went on and they went inside, a lot of bad things happened to them. This film is highly recommended for those of you who like horror and adventure stories because this film can involve you as if you were in the film.

3. RAMPANT (2018)

Do you like ghost movies with colossal backgrounds? Then you can choose this RAMPANT movie. Yes, this film takes place during the Korean Empire. This film, which was released in 2018, is a story between an exiled prince and the background of a zombie outbreak.

The film starring Hyun Bin carries the themes of empire and politics and is wrapped in the horror of zombies. This film will be one of the most exciting Korean zombie films, and it’s a shame you shouldn’t miss it. And become one of the best horror Korean film recommendations.

4. DEATH BELL (2008)

For those of you who love Korean films, you must be very familiar with this legendary horror film. Yes, Death Bell is a film that attracts so much attention because the carnage in it is so horrific. Not only does it show a terrible incident, but in this film the students have to solve so many mysteries that occur in the school.

Using a school and dormitory setting adds to the impression of horror that is so attached to this DEATH BELL film. At one point, they were trapped in the school and had to solve many things so that no more victims were killed. This film is perfect for those of you who like horror dramas set in schools.

5. THE WAILING (2016)

Another recommendation for the best Korean horror film is a film called The Wail. Yes, this film that was released in 2016 is also one of the coolest Korean zombie films, KLovers. This film follows a group of police officers who track a series of disturbing supernatural events in Gokseong, a small fishing town in South Korea.

The incident occurred when a mysterious stranger came to the city. Soon, the zombie virus spreads to all the hamlets, which are considered to be under the curse of the evil spirits in the area. Then the police and the film crew act immediately and investigate the mysterious case.

Apart from presenting a scary story, this zombie-themed film also features elements of Korean culture, which made THE WAILING successfully amaze its audience. And it is one of the recommendations for the best horror Korean films, which is a shame for you to miss.

6. THE CALL (2020)

The film, starring the beautiful actress Park Shin Hye, is indeed quite successful and attracts a lot of attention. Yes, for those of you who love the fantasy, thriller, mystery, and horror genres, The Call can be included on your must-watch list.

THE CALLER, which was released in 2011, inspired the film THE CALL.This film tells the story of two women who are separated by two decades but are connected through an old telephone. In this film, Park Shin Hye plays Seon Yeon, who accidentally finds an old telephone in her childhood home.

The problems started when the old phone rang as if it were working fine. At that time, he received a mysterious summons that brought him into a terrible story. This film is one of the recommendations for the best horror Korean films, which you really don’t want to miss.

7. THE CLOSET (2020)

Another recommendation for the best Korean horror film is a film called The Closet. This film tells the story of a man named Sang Won, who just left his wife because he died. So that his sadness would not be prolonged, Sang Won and his daughter moved to a new house.

However, instead of being happy and being able to forget all the memories of his late wife, they then feel various strange things in the house. Until one day Sang Won’s daughter mysteriously disappeared and made him have to call an exorcist, who stated that his daughter was in a cupboard in the house.

8. THE MIMIC (2017)

Then there is The Mimic, which is also one of the best horror Korean film recommendations that you shouldn’t miss. This film tells the story of a spirit in the form of a tiger who is able to imitate the voices of humans who have died to attract the attention of victims.

The problem started when the Hee Yeon and Min Ho families just moved to a house located near the Jangsanbeom cave, where the ghost lives. Instead of getting peace, Min Ho’s mother often heard strange voices. Things got worse when Min Ho found a woman’s body in the cave.

One day, Yum Jung Ah found a little girl lost in the forest and brought her to live with him. As it turned out, the little boy’s personality was similar to that of his long-lost biological son. Increasingly, he realized that there was something strange behind this little boy he had found.


The film WARNING: DO NOT PLAY itself stars top artist Seo Ye Ji in 2019. This film tells story of person named Mi Jung who knows about a forbidden film and is curious about it.

Even though he has received many restrictions and pieces of advice, he remains determined to find the forbidden film until he meets the director who worked on it. Like the others, the director also forbade Mi Jung from finding out and told him to stop looking for the whereabouts of the film.

However, Mi Jung doesn’t listen to him until she discovers the film and brings it into strange and horrific circumstances. Not only scary, this film also has cinematography that is quite beautiful to enjoy.

10. THE DOLL MASTER (2017)

THE DOLL MASTER also included in one of the recommendations for the best Korean horror films that you shouldn’t miss. This film tells about the strange figure behind an old ‘doll’ that is found in a remote doll museum.

A number of tourists visit this place to experience a haunted museum. Unexpectedly, it turns out that the collection of dolls in that place is quite strange and terrible. In fact, there’s a man chained downstairs, secretly telling stories you wouldn’t expect.


The Metamorphosis film tells the story of a family infiltrated by an evil spirit disguised as a human. This happened when a family consisting of a father, a mother, and their three children decided to move house. However, moving to a new house doesn’t make them happy; instead, it becomes a new chapter with various scary incidents.

Until one day, one of the family members was possessed or infiltrated by an evil spirit that was behaving strangely. This then made the eldest son of this family call his uncle, who was a priest, to perform an exorcism. And the Metamorphosis film is one of the best horror Korean film recommendations that you shouldn’t miss.

12. THE DIVINE FURY (2019)

For those of you who are fans of actor Park Seo Joon, then you will know about the film “The Divine Fury.” Yes, the film that was just released in 2019 is a South Korean action fantasy film written and directed by Jason Kim. The Divine Fury tells the story of a martial arts champion who obtains divine powers to fight powerful evil forces.

It is said that, after losing his father at a young age in a terrible accident, Yong Hu (Park Seo Joon) abandoned his belief in Christianity and chose to believe only in himself. As he grew up, Yong Hu became an excellent fighter and multiple champion and had everything he wanted, until the moment when mysterious sores appeared on his palms.

He seeks help from the local priest, Father Ahn (Ahn Sung Ki), and hopes that he can help free him from his painful wounds and help him in the midst of a dangerous battle against an evil force from another world that seeks to wreak havoc on the human world.


The film “The Gothic Mansion” has an interesting story and plot as well as a moral message that can be taken. Tells the story of a webtoon comic artist who is stuck looking for story ideas, so he visits an old apartment building that has so many mysteries.

When he got there, he was greeted by an old apartment caretaker and tried to learn the stories in the apartment building. However, due to the demands of his job as a webtoon creator, he was asked by the company to make a longer story, so he decided to return to the apartment building.

But it’s a shame that his return there became a disaster for himself and a pretty scary story. It’s no wonder THE GROTESQUE MANSION is one of the recommendations for the best horror Korean films that you must watch.

14. THE 8TH NIGHT (2021)

And the last recommendation for the best horror Korean film is a film called The Eighth Night. This film is a horror-themed story that tells the situation when, 2,500 years ago, there was a monster that opened the gates of the country. The opening of the gate is the beginning of human suffering. Then the Buddha appeared to confront the monster by taking its two eyes—a red eye and a black eye.

However, the two eyes were released from the hands of the Buddha, and only the black eyes were locked up in the sarira casket. While red eyes run and reside in the human body. The story revolves around returning the red eye to the Buddha’s hands so that it is locked in the same chest as the black eye.


Apart from horror Korean films, there are a number of recommendations for horror Korean dramas that are no less exciting. One of them is Strangers from Hell. The Korean drama STRANGERS FROM HELL, released in 2019, raised the mystery, crime, and horror genres.

Meanwhile, the STRANGERS FROM HELL synopsis tells about Yoon Jong Woo, who recently moved to Seoul to work. Because he didn’t have enough money, Yoon Jong Woo decided to live in a hostel with poor quality. At first, Yoon Jong Woo didn’t quite feel comfortable living in the dormitory. The reason is not only that the place where he lives is quite messy, but also that the inhabitants are also very mysterious. Including his neighbor, Seo Moon Jo.

He also plans to move but is waiting for the money to really be enough to get a replacement for a new place to live. Meanwhile, on the other hand, he also finds mysterious and strange events that give him goosebumps.


The next horror Korean drama recommendation is Hotel Del Luna. For fans of Drakor, of course they are very familiar with the DEL LUNA HOTEL players. This is because the drakor HOTEL DEL LUNA features a number of popular player names such as IU, Yeo Jin-Goo, Kang Mi-Na, Bae Hae-Sun, and others.

Released in 2019, the synopsis for HOTEL DEL LUNA tells the story of Jang Man-Wol and Koo Chan-Sung, who become colleagues at a hotel with ghost guests. Jang Man-Wol is cursed to be trapped between two worlds, namely the world and the hereafter. He is known as the CEO of the Del Luna hotel because of his extraordinary strength. Meanwhile, Koo Chan-Sung is a smart kid who just graduated from a foreign university majoring in hotel management.

Because of the old agreement between Jang Man-Wol and Koo Chan-Sung’s father, he must be tied to a haunted hotel. A number of incidents that give you goosebumps with comedy spices make the Korean horror drama HOTEL DEL LUNA definitely quite exciting for you to watch.


If you are fans of Korean dramas in the “Zombie Kingdom” genre, of course you must enter the watchlist. Moreover, the Korean drama Kingdom has a fairly short episode. Played by Ju Ji-Hoon, Kingdom tells the story of a Crown Prince named Lee Chang who tries to uncover the case behind a deadly plague in his country.

Moreover, he was also slandered for killing the King, who was none other than his own father. Where he started his investigation at a clinic in Dongnae. However, the clinic was apparently destroyed by the many bodies lying there. But the corpse can rise again and attack anyone. Not only in one season, but in two: KINGDOM: ASHIN OF THE NORTH in 2020 and KINGDOM: ASHIN OF THE NORTH in 2021.


THE CURSE is a Korean drama with a horror genre, which is also quite interesting for you to watch. THE CURSE was released in 2020 with a total of 12 episodes. Meanwhile, the cursed synopsis tells about Im Jin-Hee, who is known as a reporter. He was covering a case for the biggest IT company. He began to find a number of facts, including when the director of the company hired the services of a shaman named Jin Kyung. This is where Im Jin-Hee and Jin Kyung’s meeting began when he was conducting an investigation.

Meanwhile, Im Jin-Hee unexpectedly begins to feel strange and has a unique ability. Various horror events wrapped in thrillers can give you goosebumps as well as make you feel tense. You can watch this Korean drama through the Netflix channel.


The Great Satan Ga Doo-Shim is also a recommendation for horror Korean dramas that you must watch. Released in 2021, The Great Satan Ga Doo-Shim was played by Kim Sae-Ron and Nam Da-Reum. Meanwhile, the synopsis of THE GREAT SHAMAN GA DOO-SHIM tells of a student named Ga Doo-Shim who has the ability to see ghosts.

He finds many irregularities at his new school, like when the student with the lowest score suddenly commits suicide. Not because depression, but because irregularity apparently involved the intervention of mystical force that caused the students to commit suicide. Together with Na Woo-Soo, Ga Doo-Shim begins to break the curse.


The next horror Korean drama recommendation is Monsters. This Korean drama is one of the new ones released in 2022. Played by Koo Gyo-Hwan and Shin Hyun-Bin, MONSTROUS tells the story of Jung Ki Hoon, who was originally known as an archaeologist focusing on supernatural events.

However, he decided to quit his job and become a content creator by publishing an occult magazine and creating a YouTube Monthly Strange Story. For his content needs, Jung Ki Hoon decided to go to his ex-wife’s village to research Gwibul. However, he encounters a number of mysterious and frightening events. This is where various scary terrors begin to occur. Which Jung Ki Hoon and his team will be ready to face.

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