11 Things About The Luck of the Irish You Probably Didn’t Notice

The Luck of the Irish, the Disney Channel’s 28th original film, debuted on March 9th, 2001. The movie, which is presently ranked 13th out of 99 on our DCOM ranker, followed basketball player Kyle Johnson (Ryan Merriman) as he unearthed the mystery Irish past of his family and, of course, engaged in a battle with a crazy leprechaun for a fortunate coin.

I recently went back and rewatched this childhood favorite. And I discovered some “interesting” things that I’m sure I didn’t notice when I was younger.

The Luck of the Irish

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This inadequate verbal choice

I had to listen again to confirm that this punk youngster had actually said that. I understand that his last name is Johnson, but considering that “Johnson” is also a slang term for penis and that “choking the chicken” is a term for masturbating, it might not be the best choice to combine Johnson with choking. Or perhaps I’m simply perverse.

These outdated AF devices

I would absolutely believe it if you took a picture of this and placed it in my elementary school scrapbook. For flatscreen PCs, we are grateful.

The Luck of the Irish

This athletic joke

Definitely, as a child, I didn’t understand this. Kyle briefly participates in hurling, an Irish sport that is similar to soccer and golf. It is played near the end of the movie.

The father’s ancestry is never made known.

Yes, he performs the entire “I’m from Cleveland” song and dance routine for his son, but that is all. Since Kyle’s dad had a different ancestry, he is just partially Irish.

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Kyle brutally attacked a person in front of multiple security personnel.

I understand that he and Bonnie (Alexis Lopez) were attempting to flee, but he outright threw a helpless employee to the ground before stealing his car. Kyle, that’s two offenses. Oh, please.

The Luck of the Irish

This remarks that mentions slavery

In order to lift the boys out of their funk, Bonnie offers a pep talk in which she discusses the Irish people’s tenacity in the face of adversity. Glenndon Chatman’s character Russell Halloway then adds his two cents on history.

The antagonist is Timothy Omundson.

Omundson played the charmingly smarmy villain Seamus McTiernen in The Luck of the Irish before he became Cain on Supernatural.

Brett Yoder’s portrayal of Kyle’s teammate Drake Whitley is the inspiration behind High School Musical.

Troy (Zac Efron) and Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens) were coerced into singing duets by the MC Yoder, who slyly said, “Hey, you know what? You people might thank me for this in the future.