An Old Film About Love, Let’s Check Before Sunrise Review

Do you enjoy watching drama romance movies? Or before 2000s movies? This movie might be an interest for you. Check out Before Sunrise review. Let’s read Before Sunrise review.

This film presents a romantic duet between Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy, who respectively play Jesse and Celine. Before Sunrise premiered at the Sundance Film Festival on January 19, 1995.

On the aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes, this 1 hour, 45 minute film gets a perfect rating of 100% from all critical reviews. The story in this film offers a minimalist plot and only focuses on the figures of Jesse and Celine.

Jesse himself is an American man who met Celine, a girl from France, on a train. The two of them then spent one night walking around the city of Vienna, Austria, until they got to know each other and liked each other.


On a train from Budapest, Jesse will go to Vienna to catch a flight back to the United States, while Celine has to return to her university in Paris after visiting her grandmother’s house. The two met on the same train, and Jesse started a conversation first to get to know Celine even more.

When the train arrived in Vienna, Jesse asked Celine to come down with him. Jesse had to go back to America the next morning, and he didn’t have enough money to stay in a hotel room. The two of them then decided to explore the corners of the city of Vienna until dawn.

before sunrise review

After visiting several famous places in Vienna, the two feel even closer. As the sun begins to set, they begin to develop an increasingly intimate and romantic relationship. Jesse and Celine then engage in more open chats with one another. The two of them looked engrossed in discussing the city of Vienna, love, life, and religion.

Jesse told Celine that he came to Europe only to spend time with his girlfriend, who was studying in Madrid. But when they got there, the relationship did not go well, and they broke up halfway. When he was about to return to America, he would buy a cheap return flight ticket via Vienna. However, he did not immediately leave and chose to travel around Europe first.

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Getting Closer

The two of them are now getting to know each other and starting to feel attracted to each other. The journey between the two then stopped at a cafe in the middle of Vienna. Jesse and Celine then flirted with each other as if they were having a telephone conversation.

Celine reveals that before Jesse convinced her, he had agreed to get off the train with her. Meanwhile, Jesse said that if Celine broke up with her boyfriend, he would give her the plane ticket she wanted so she could run away and live more freely.

before sunrise review

The night was getting late, and they looked like new lovers who were in a drunken romance. Even so, Jesse and Celine understood that it was unlikely that they would see each other again. They then decided to make the most of the remaining time and ended the night feeling even deeper than before.

In that moment, Jesse convinced himself that he would marry Celine rather than never see her again. The next day, they would split up, and the train that Celine was on was getting ready to depart. The two did not ask for any contact and promised to meet at the same place within six months.

Strong Chemistry and Dialogues

Before Sunrise tries to present a romantic drama story as realistically as possible, and that seems to work in the entire plot of this film. Nothing is superfluous in the script or acting by Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy.

Everything looks very natural, and the two of them managed to attract the audience’s attention to continue watching Jesse and Celine’s story until the end of the film. The city of Vienna, which is the backdrop for this film, looks so enchanting and makes Before Sunrise more interesting to watch every minute. Apart from that, the dialogues built by Jesse and Celine really flow as they are. What Jesse said to Celine sounded like a man approaching a woman he likes.

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The conversations between the two of them tended to be realistic, and they even looked shy. Every conversation and dialogue that they have becomes the main strength of this film. Before Sunrise, in the end, managed to create a balanced bond between the two characters, Jesse and Celine.

Their Natures

Both actually have the same romantic nature, but with two different characteristics. Jesse is typically a cynical person and has no faith in what other people are doing or saying. Celine herself is a person who is always in doubt about the decisions she makes.

Even so, when the conversation started to melt down, Jesse felt comfortable with Celine and was increasingly interested in having a deeper talk about each of them.

Jesse began to compromise a little with his cynical character and began to melt away with the romantic situation he experienced with Celine. If Celine hadn’t come down with Jesse to Vienna, maybe Jesse would have turned into a stubborn, cynical man.

The increasingly intimate emotional closeness made them plan to meet again six months later. However, did they really keep their promise to meet again? To answer that, you have to watch the second sequel, entitled Before Sunset (2004), to the last film, Before Midnight, which was released in 2013.

Comfortable Chatting Without Flirting

Jesse and Celine look very suitable for each other without having to spit romantic words full of nonsense that sound weird. The relationship between the two flows well in a chat. Through their respective points of view, they are able to demonstrate an effective conversation to attract each other’s attention.

This very sweet portrayal, of course, was successfully created because of the captivating acting of Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy. At the time this film was made, both of them were very young, and they were able to build very solid chemistry.

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before sunrise

Ethan and Julie look like lovers who have been together for a long time, and what they talk about is broader than what is offered by the main script in this film. Every scene, when they are walking around the corner of Vienna, when they joke around, and even the awkward moments, go very naturally.

The majority of this film explores more of the dialogue between the two. Therefore, interpreting Before Sunrise is not too difficult because you just enjoy every theme they talk about. From there, we will feel that an intelligent chat is more likely to captivate a woman’s heart than unclear flirts.


If you pay close attention, all the themes discussed by the two actually touch on everyday problems in general. The difference is that all the chattering themes are presented with intelligent weight. Both of them can address the issues that arise in their lives without having to judge each other.

The dialogue in this film certainly offers a lot of romantic impressions through conversations about love. But once again, the love chat in Before Sunrise is presented in a way that is simple, not excessive, and easy to understand.

From the first minute of this film, we are led to continue to be interested in the journey and the conversations they present. There is a feeling of wanting to follow them wherever they go and eavesdrop on what the two are talking about.

Before Sunrise is a very enthralling romantic drama film and can be a reference for men who want to start intelligent conversations with women. This is the end of Before Sunrise review. How about it? Did it interest you to watch the movie after reading Before Sunrise review? Thank you for reading Before Sunrise review.