13 Best Adult Korean Film Recommendations With ‘Hot’ Scenes

Thelongestfilm.com – Adult Korean Film. Not only do they offer adorable and touching romantic stories, but films from South Korea also have ‘hot’ intimate scenes. Because of this, some films with adult scenes fall into the 18+ category or require parental supervision when watching them. Have you ever watched any of these?

The following is a list of Korean adult films with hot or intimate scenes. But it should be remembered beforehand that this does not mean that the mentioned adult films fully show vulgar scenes. Instead, there is a part in it that shows the ‘hot’ action of the film’s actors and actresses. Anything?

1. Portrait of a Beauty (2008)

This Korean adult film in the royal or dynastic genre tells the story of a woman born into a family of painters who has to pretend to be her deceased older sister in order to maintain the family’s good name. This woman named Shin Han Pyeong finally studied painting to fulfill her father’s ambition.

The film, starring Kim Min-sun, Kim Nam-gil, and Kim Yeong-ho, has a bold scene in it. But other than that, you can learn about discrimination against women in that kingdom.

2. A Frozen Flower (2008)

Still in the royal or historical genre, this film tells of a love story between a king who loves the same sex and his personal bodyguard. The Empress herself encouraged the King to try to love her. But instead of trying, he actually ordered his bodyguard to sleep with his wife. In fact, the Empress hated bodyguards because she had captured the King’s attention.

In addition to showing hot scenes, the film, starring Song Ki-hyo and Jo In-sung, tells about same-sex romance, which was not common at that time.

3. The Concubine (2012)

Taking place during the Joseon Dynasty, this film tells the story of a sad love triangle between a royal concubine named Hwa-yeon, a prince named Sung-won, and a man named Kwon-yoo. The three of them are involved in a true love drama in the style of the South Korean kingdom and find a way to get out of complicated love problems.

The film, starring Jo Yeo-jeong, Kim Min-joon, and Kim Dong-wook, has mature scenes that are quite bold, balancing romantic and tragic elements in the film itself.

4. A Muse (2012)

Adapted from the novel by the famous writer Taman Bum-shin, this film tells about the love story between Lee Jeok-yo, a national poet in his 70s, and a teenage girl named Eun-gyo. The unexpected meeting between the two brings new feelings to Jeok-yo. However, the relationship between the two received protests from Jeok-yo’s own assistant, Seo Ji-woo.

This film caused controversy because of its content, which tells a love story with a large age gap. However, the film starring Park Hae-il, Kim Go-eun, and Kim Mu-yeol is one of the most recommended films.

5. Scarlet Innocence (2014)

This film tells of an affair between a lecturer named Hak-kyu and a teenage girl named Deok-yi. The woman was pregnant, but the lecturer moved and asked her to have an abortion. There are various unfortunate events that happen to each side, and Deok-yi returns 8 years later to seek revenge for all the wounds she has ever received. But when he reunites with Hak-kyu, the man slowly becomes blind.

The film stars Jung Woo-sung, Park So-young, and Esom. This film, which is in the genre of romance and thriller, has footage of hot scenes that are quite daring.

6. A Man and a Woman (2016)

This film tells the story of the meeting of a wife and a husband who both take their children to a special needs camp school in Finland. The meeting then continued in South Korea, and the two fell in love because each of them felt lonely in their household.

The film, starring Gong Yoo and Jeon Do-yeon, has quite vulgar and intimate scenes. But apart from that clip, you can see the passion of love between the two of them, who both need each other but feel unable to build a complete relationship because they have a family to look after.

7. The Handmaiden (2016)

This film, which takes place in 1930, tells the story of a pickpocket named Sook-hee who has to carry out a mission from a con artist named Fujiwara. They both want to rob the house of a wealthy woman named Hideko. But as time goes by, Sook-hee actually falls in love with Hideko.

The film, starring Kim Min-hee, Kim Tae-ri, and Ha Jung-woo, has hot scenes and a storyline full of surprises. Apparently, Hideko herself has a hidden plan that Fujiwara and Sok-hee never knew about.

8. The Treacherous (2015)

Next is The Treacherous, which tells the story of a king with a tyrannical attitude, Joseon Yeonsan, who exploits the people for the satisfaction of his own desires. Filled with various adult and vulgar scenes, this film is played bravely by Ju Ji-hoon, Kim Kang-woo, and Lim Ji-yeon.

9. Untold Scandal (2003)

With a unique premise, this film tells the story of a noblewoman who bets with her cousin for sex. This romantic drama film is based on the 1782 French novel Les Liaisons dangereuses, with an adaptation set in late 18th century Korea, during the Joseon dynasty. Who do you think won the fight? Just watch the movie, okay?

10. Secret Love Affair (2014)

Telling about forbidden love, Secret Love Affair is a film about a pianist who falls in love with his piano teacher. However, the teacher is married, Bela. Contains adult scenes; make sure you’re old enough to watch it, OK?

11. Love Lessons (2013)

Still revolving around the hot relationship between a tutor and his own student, Love Lesson tells the story of Hee Soo, a composer who can’t finish his work well but whose ideas flow swiftly when he is close to his own students. Wow, a relationship that spurs creativity

12. Secret Love (2010)

From the title alone, you can already guess that this film is about an affair. Just two months after the wedding, Yeon-yi (Yoon Jin-seo) suffers from a car accident that puts her handsome new husband, Jin-woo (Yoo Ji-tae), into a deep coma. She then meets her husband’s brother, Jin-ho, for the first time. Yeon-yi is surprised to learn that she and Jin-woo are identical twins. Starting with a cold relationship, the two soon fell in love. The situation became even more complicated when Jin-woo suddenly woke up from his coma. Well, you know!

13. Obsessed (2014)

This film, which contains lots of vulgar scenes, has the theme of infidelity. Set in the Vietnam War era, it tells the story of a soldier who falls in love with the wife of his own subordinate. Tit for tat, there was an affair. Does their story end together, or is it a tragedy? Just watch, OK?

Those are the 13 best Korean adult films with sex scenes inserted. So, which one do you want to watch?

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