4 Best Films like The Lorax Recommendation You Should Watch

Films like The Lorax – The Lorax animated film has a very good storyline, has a very clear message about life. The Lorax focuses on big issues and makes them easier for teenage audiences to understand. The Lorax tells the story of a child named Ted (Zac Efron) who lives in an artificial city. He then fell in love with a girl who dreamed of seeing a real tree. Intending to make the girl happy, Ted tries to find a real tree. Ted finally decides to leave town and meets the Once-ler. It turns out, he was the mastermind behind the emergence of an artificial city and making the trees barren. Once-ler then gives Ted an important mission to fix the problem and return the world to the green and beautiful world it once was.

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Films like The Lorax

1. The Book of Life (2014)

The Book Of Life is an animated film with a very touching storyline. Tells the story of three friends, namely Maria, Manolo, and Joaquin. Maria and Manolo secretly like each other, but Maria’s father asks her to marry Joaquin. Their triangular love story attracts the attention of La Muerte and Xibalba, leaders of the world after death, which ends with the two of them making a bet.

Because he was afraid of losing the bet, Xibalba finally trapped Manolo until the poor man was trapped in the world after death. Manolo struggles to uncover Xibalba’s fraud and find a way to live again so he can be with Maria. Similar to The Lorax, this film tells the story of the struggle to live again. Did Manolo’s efforts succeed?

2. Inside Out (2015)

Just like The Lorax, Inside Out was produced by Pixar. The story does not focus on life and death, but rather complex issues in the human mind. The intelligent storyline combined with unique characters means that this film will definitely be liked by the audience. Inside Out has a nuance of sadness that will make someone reflect when watching, the same feeling felt when watching The Lorax. This film tells the story of a child named Riley.

However, the focus of the story is not on him but on the five emotions that are in his mind. They are Joy, Anger, Fear, Sadness, and Disgust. Riley, who has just moved to a new neighborhood, doesn’t like the conditions there and this triggers chaos in his thoughts and emotions.

3. Coco (2017)

Coco is undoubtedly one of the best films ever released by Pixar. This film has a story theme that is similar to The Lorax, an adventure in the world after death and how he must return before it is too late. Another similarity is the main character who really loves music. Miguel, the main character in Coco, really likes playing music, especially the guitar. Meanwhile, Joe, the main character of The Lorax, likes playing Jazz music. In addition, the film Coco also explains very strong family ties, making the film even more touching.

Coco itself tells the story of Miguel, a music-loving child who was born into a family that forbade everything related to music. His family doesn’t like music due to the trauma of a past incident. However, Miguel’s love of music makes him secretly continue playing the guitar. When his family finally found out about this, he ran away and ended up in the world after death. Now, Miguel and his deceased family members must find a way to return to the real world.

4. Films like The Lorax: Onwards (2020)

Onward does not tell about the world after death, but focuses on efforts to bring someone who has died back to life. Instead of trying to bring themselves back to life, the characters in this film try to bring their father back to life for just one day. Onward is also similar to The Lorax because it shows two characters who are very different in terms of attitudes and views, but still work together. Even though Onward is set in a magical world, the story themes and nuances shown are similar to The Lorax.

The film tells the story of Ian and Barley who only live with their mother. When Ian was 16 years old, their mother gave them a gift which was a legacy from their father. After opening it, it turned out that it contained a stick and instructions for using it. The clues in the paper show that they can bring their father back to life using the wand. However, to perfect the wand’s magic, Ian and Barley must go on an adventurous journey. There are many obstacles that must be faced, such as evil magic and challenges from humans.

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