6 Best Movies Like World War Z Recommendation

Movies Like World War Z – The 2013 Marc Forster movie World War Z starred Brad Pitt, a darling in Hollywood. The plot centers on Gerry, a former employee of the United Nations who is looking into a dangerous virus that transforms people into zombies.

He must now work quickly to develop solutions in order to help mankind have a chance of surviving. Audiences have always loved the exaggerated content and brutality in apocalyptic and dystopian movies. This genre can assist people in coping with the reality of death by making them reflect about their own mortality, their responsibilities in the world, and their own mortality.

Here is our list of 6 zombie dramas that are comparable to World War Z if you like the film and are itching for more post-apocalyptic zombie drama.

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1. I Am Legend (2007)

This movie has a virus that turns people into zombies, just like World War Z (and most other zombie movies), except it is post-apocalyptic with only Robert Neville, a scientist, remaining in New York. He looks for a means to use his own immune blood to counteract the effects of the synthetic virus. This is a fantastic zombie movie to see, packed with action and drama.

2. The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials (2015)

This second installment of The Maze Runner series is comparable to World War Z in that a virus has ravaged humanity and turned people into zombies, and researchers are scrambling to find a cure. After escaping the Maze, Thomas and his comrades come to the conclusion that their rescuers weren’t acting in their best interests. Forced to flee once more, they travel across sweltering deserts in search of rebels to take them in.

3. Train to Busan (2016)

After World War Z, you should definitely watch this horror-action movie. A zombie outbreak in South Korea traps Seok-woo and his daughter as they travel to Busan by train. Excellent cinematography and editing give the movie a claustrophobic feel.

4. The Quiet Place (2018)

You can’t make noise in this post-apocalyptic world because it will draw the vicious monsters who have taken control. We follow the narrative of one family’s battle for survival as they attempt to fend off the blind but audible animals. Even though they haven’t found a cure. They are working to halt the monsters and bring about some semblance of normalcy and serenity.

5. Contagion (2011)

While the US Center for Disease Control fights to stop the spread of a fatal virus, widespread fear sets in. This movie, like World War Z, is about trying to stop a virus before it destroys civilisation and finding a cure. This movie has a lot of similarities to the actual Covid-19 epidemic, which caused widespread fear and necessitated months of quarantine.

6. The Crazies (2010)

The Crazies tells the tale of a viral epidemic that has a significant impact on society and the struggle for survival, much like World War Z. The only ones unscathed by a sudden rash of incidents where individuals transform into violent psychopaths are Sheriff David Dutton, his wife, and two other people.

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