4 Best Kingdom War Films Recommendations

Kingdom War Films Recommendations – For those of you who like war genre films, there are recommendations for the best royal war films. Yes, these films have tense and very exciting war stories. Some of these war film recommendations even taken from the true story of a character. So, fantasy fiction struggle stories are so cool and really popular.

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Kingdom War Films Recommendations

1. BRAVEHEART (1995)

Kingdom War Films Recommendations

The first recommended royal war film a film called BRAVEHEART. This film is the best royal war film of all time that you must watch. Directed by Mel Gibson, this film released on May 25 1995 with the genres of biography, drama and history.

This film, starring Sophie Marceau, Mel Gibson, Patrick McGoohan, tells the story of the struggle of Scottish soldiers against the cruel English kingdom in the 13th century. The war film BRAVEHEART is very exciting to watch because it focuses on the story of a Scottish hero named William Wallace, played by Mel Gibson.

2. GLADIATOR (2000)

Kingdom War Films Recommendations

The GLADIATOR film can said to be one of the best historical films of all time. This film tells about the history of the best fighters during the Roman Empire. And included in the recommendations for the best royal war films. The audience will presented with lots of tense fighting and fighting action. After his success in leading the Roman army against the Germanic peoples, General Maximus asked by the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius to replace him as emperor.

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Commodus refused and succeeded in killing his father and became the new Roman emperor. Knowing what really happened, Maximus refused and would not submit to Commodus. So, it would be a shame if you missed this recommendation for a royal war film.


Kingdom War Films Recommendations

The film THE LORD OF THE RINGS is the recommendation for the next royal war film. The first series released in 2001. Where THE LORD OF THE RINGS entitled THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING. The first series tells the story of Frodo Baggins who given the task of destroying Sauron’s ring so that Middle Earth remains safe.

Together with his companion, Frodo begins an adventure towards Mount Doom. However, Frodo’s mission to reach Mount Doom to destroy Sauron’s ring is not easy. There are many threats and challenges he faces. You can watch the film THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING via various streaming channels and see the excitement of adventure in a fantasy world.


Kingdom War Films Recommendations

Perhaps, this samurai film is one of the most successful American films. It is told in the film THE LAST SAMURAI that Japan will carry out the Meiji Restoration and open itself to the outside world.

In this mission, one of the problems that arises is using firearms and starting to forget about using the katana. Unfortunately, many samurai rejected the emperor’s ideas and rebelled. And American mercenaries were hired to defeat these rebels. The film THE LAST SAMURAI will be one of the recommendations for imperial war films that you must watch.