Synopsis of The Princess Diaries, Learning to Be a Princess

Synopsis of The Princess Diaries – Unlike most royal princesses, Mia has just found out that she is the heir to the throne of one of the kingdoms in Europe. This is not strange, Mia is no different from most teenagers in general. She even wears braces with her hair flowing, no one would think that Mia is a noble.

This is the life of Anne Hathaway when she played the character Princess Mia, in the film entitled The Princess Diary (2001). This comedy genre film was produced by Walt Disney Pictures and directed by Garry Marshall. This film received mixed ratings and comments, on iMDb this film got 6.4/10 and Rotten Tomatoes gave it a rating of 49% from 117 reviewers.

Synopsis of the Princess Diaries

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Synopsis of the Princess Diaries

Mia Thermopolis (Anne Hathaway) is no different from most other high school kids in San Francisco. In fact, Mia could be said to be in the group of outcast children at her school, her Korean makeup is strange and naughty. Wearing braces, his hair grows like a lion and he wears square glasses like an old man.

Another thing that often makes her the object of ridicule by other students at school, Mia is a very careless child. This girl could even embarrass herself, this even happened because of her carelessness. Luckily, Mia has two friends who are always loyal to her, namely Lilly (Heather Matarazzo) and her brother Michael (Robert Schwartzman).

Synopsis of the Princess Diaries

Mia inherits the throne

Until one day he found out that he was the sole heir to a European kingdom called Genovia. Mia inherited this throne from her father who recently died and now she is faced with the figure of her grandmother, Queen Clarisse (Julie Andrews).

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At first Mia refused this, but her mother gave her encouragement and confidence so that she wanted to attend “Princess Lessons”.

After that, according to her grandmother’s agreement, Mia was freed to choose whether she would accept the throne or not. Mia gets a big makeover, this girl changes from an ugly duckling to a very beautiful and graceful swan. This shocked all her friends, they immediately treated Mia very well.

Synopsis of the Princess Diaries

Souring Relationships

Unfortunately, his relationship with Lilly worsened, because Mia’s busy schedule meant she couldn’t keep her promises. Not to mention that she was trapped by the man she liked. Who made inappropriate photos of her appear in the newspaper. Mia also experienced the most embarrassing moment, when she attended a state banquet for the first time.

Feeling very upset and in a dilemma, Mia thought about how all this could happen to her. Mia thinks she is very uncomfortable with her current status, because it changes her life. With all this pressure, will Mia decide to abandon her royal status or not?