4 Netflix Psychological Thriller Movies like Fractured

Movies like Fractured – The psychological thriller film genre has its own charm because it displays tense surprise scenes. Meanwhile, from a psychological perspective, it requires the audience to focus and put together the pieces of the story. The audience seems to be invited to think between reality and mere imagination.

The film Fractured, directed by Brad Anderson, tells the story of Ray Monroe who is traveling with his wife and child. On the way, Ray’s only daughter, Peri Monroe, was chased by a dog until she fell and seriously injured her leg.

Arriving at the hospital, Peri, accompanied by her mother, immediately underwent surgery, while Ray waited outside. Strange things happened when Ray asked about his daughter’s condition, who suddenly disappeared from the patient list.

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Movies like Fractured

1. Sightless (2020)

This film, directed by Cooper Karl, tells the story of a violinist named Ashland (Madelaine Petsch). He became blind after someone attacked his face and injured his eye. Ashland is accompanied by Clayton to help him with daily activities. Ashland’s hearing became sharper and he felt strange about the silence in his apartment. Until one day, from between the air vents, Ashland heard the sound of women screaming and moaning.

A woman knocked on his apartment door and introduced herself as Lana Latch. During his introduction, Ashland touched Lana’s face, which had many wounds. He immediately reported the violence from Lana’s apartment to the police. However, strangely enough, the police did not find any injuries on Lana’s face.

2. The Call (2020)

This psychological thriller film is an adaptation of the film entitled The Caller which was released in 2011. The Call was directed by Chung Hyun Lee and the script was written by Sergio Casci. The Call tells the story of Seo Yeon (Park Shin Hye), a woman who lives in two times. One day, Seo Yeon found an old telephone from her childhood home.

At that time, he often received mysterious telephone calls from someone looking for his friend. Seo Yeon then finds out that the person who contacted her was Young Sook, a woman who lived in the past. Problems occur when both of them unknowingly change the future from the past. The closeness between the two turns into a threat after Yeong Seok becomes determined to take revenge.

3. The Girl on The Train (2021)

The Girl on The Train is a film adapted from the novel by Paula Hawkins of the same title. This film which airs on Netflix is a remake of the 2016 Hollywood version. The film focuses on a woman named Mira Kapoor (Parineeti Chopra) and her recently divorced husband Shekhar (Avinash Tiwary). The divorce made Mira an alcoholic and destroyed her personal life including her career.

One day, Mira, who was returning home by train, saw a very harmonious couple. Mira sees this harmony almost every day, giving rise to an alter ego in her. Until one of the couple’s whereabouts is unknown and the police begin to investigate Mira regarding evidence that points to her.

4. Movies like Fractured: Deadly Illusions (2021)

This film, directed by Anna Elizabeth James, tells the story of the life of best-selling author Marry Morrison (Kristin Davis). She, her husband and two children have just moved to a new house.

Marry was pressed against a deadline trying to finish her writing. So that her two children are not neglected, Marry hires a nanny named Grace (Greer Grammer). At first everything went normally until Marry and Grace became very close. However, over time, Marry felt that Grace had evil intentions towards her family. Marry also found Grace’s writing which seemed similar to the incident she was experiencing.

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