Sad Romance Movies like If I Stay Recommendation

Movies like If I Stay – The film IF I STAY is an adaptation of the novel of the same title by Gayle Forman. The story contains a melodramatic story between Mia Hall and Adam. Mia and Adam both love music. They also support each other to pursue their dreams.

Conflict arose when Mia received a scholarship to a music school in New York, while Adam was also busy with his band’s tour. The distance and busyness apparently sparked small conflicts in their relationship. It doesn’t stop there, conflict arises again and their relationship continues to be tested after Mia’s family experiences an accident. Mia was declared in a coma and her family was declared dead. While in a coma, it is said that Mia’s soul was separated from her body. He was faced with the choice of dying after his family or continuing to live.

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Sad Romance Movies Like If I Stay


The first recommendation for a sad romantic film is entitled THE FAULT IN OUR STARS. This romantic film is an adaptation of a novel with the same title. THE FAULT IN OUR STARS has a romantic and touching story. It is said that the main character in this film is a girl named Hazel who is fighting cancer.

One day, Hazel met a young man named August who was a member of a cancer support group. Hazel and August’s meeting turns out to grow feelings between them. Since then, they have been in a relationship as lovers who strengthen each other.


ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF SPOTLESS MIND is a romantic film that you must watch. This film, which is also a science fiction genre, tells the story of a pair of lovers who have an eccentric style and like freedom. They are Joel Barish and Clementine. They are a perfect couple and love each other. Until one day they were involved in a dispute.

Due to short thinking, Clementine decides to erase her memory of Joel. Hurt, Joel also did the same thing. However, after the two of them didn’t know each other, they actually met.

What’s unique is that the story in this film revolves around the subconscious of the two characters. Where Joel finally realizes that he really loves Clementine. Joel then tries to make Clementine realize that he also loves Joel deeply through adventures in their own subconscious.

3. Movies like If I Stay: THE NOTEBOOKS

Next in the recommendations for sad romantic films is THE NOTEBOOK. This film, which was produced in 4014, is said to be one of the best romance films. THE NOTEBOOK is adapted from a best-selling novel with the same title by Nicholas Sparks.

Just like several of the titles previously mentioned, THE NOTEBOOK tells a love story full of conflict and trials. The two lovers in this film have to face various problems ranging from social status, differences in character, to long distances. This film could be a motivation for the struggle for love which was initially filled with doubt because of the many trials.


Who doesn’t know TITANIC? This romantic film has been very popular from time to time. Based on the story of the unfortunate sinking of the luxury ship Titanic, this film, which was released in 1998, deserves to be on the recommended list of sad romantic films.

The film TITANIC tells the story of the love story of Jack and Rose when they were both riding the luxury ship Titantic. Even though it ended tragically, the love story of Jack and Rose seems to have become an interesting legendary story even though it has been watched dozens of times. Not only is the story interesting, the film TITANIC managed to win 11 Oscars. So, there is no need to doubt the quality anymore.

5. Movies like If I Stay: A STAR IS BORN

A STAR IS BORN is one of the films that stole attention in 2018. This film is Lady Gaga’s debut in the world of acting. Not only is it romantic and melancholic, A STAR IS BORN is also full of musical elements. This film, which also stars Bradley Cooper, has a sad and tragic love story.

This film tells the story of two lovers who both have ambitions for their careers. However, their ambition to pursue a career is not at all possible for them. In fact, they are determined to support each other and do not want to be a burden on their partner. Up to this point the story sounds beautiful and sweet. However, this film has an astonishing ending and stirs the audience’s emotions.

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