4 Things You Should Know About The Chosen on YouTube

About the Chosen. This is the first multi-season show about the life of Christ, and it has already garnered attention in Hollywood for its record-breaking form of funding.

The Chosen by VidAngel Studios opens its first season this spring on TheChosen.TV, dealing with the life of Christ in a way few (if any) movies and television shows have done.

The film is directed by Dallas Jenkins, who created the concept for the series and previously helmed The Resurrection of Gavin Stone, What If, and Midnight Clear.

About the Chosen

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Here are four things you should know about The Chosen:

1. This Movie Is Different… In a Good Way

The Chosen is similar to Risen, an excellent religion-based film that follows a Roman military tribune as he meets the risen Christ. Like the 2016 film, The Chosen is about a radical transformation. But unlike Risen, which uses fictional characters as its main characters, The Chosen focuses on real-life men and women who know Christ. The first four episodes deal with Matthew, Peter, and Mary Magdalene. We watch their emotions and personalities develop from one episode to the next.

“We have time to really humanize these characters and spend time with them,” Jenkins told Crosswalk, comparing the character development in The Chosen to that of Downton Abbey or “any other show that people watch in a very large number of episodes.” ” Lots.”

“There are so many rich, nuanced details you can dive into that allow you to get to know the characters.” “It doesn’t feel rushed.” Every time the title appears, you’re ready to watch the next one.

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2. The movie has relatable characters.

Maybe you are familiar with Peter’s struggle. Or maybe it was Matthew. Or Mary Magdalene.

With The Chosen, you see your own flaws and struggles in the characters. You witness them looking for a goal before Christ. You see their lives changing post-Christ. It is a testimony that every Christian can share.

“That’s really the goal,” says Jenkins. “We believe that if you can see Jesus through the eyes of those who have actually met Him and can really get to know these people, then you may be able to be changed and impacted in the same way they were. You say, “OK, I can identify with the struggle. And therefore, I can identify with the struggle. Therefore I can identify with the victory.” And that makes him so much stronger.”

Ravi Zacharias and Joni Eareckson Tada are among Christian leaders, speakers, and writers who have supported him.

About the Chosen

3. This is a combination of Scripture and artistic license.

The Chosen includes scenes and dialogue directly from the Bible but also includes scenes and dialogue not in the Bible. Viewers learn that the opening scrolls are “based on true stories from the gospel of Jesus Christ.” Some locations and timelines “have been merged or condensed,” and “backstories and some characters or dialogue have been added.”

“However,” the scroll says, “all biblical and historical contexts and any artistic imagination are designed to support the truth and intent of Scripture.”

Jenkins, who created the concept for the series, emphasized that he is someone who is a “deep believer in God’s Word.”

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Similar to Bible-themed films like The Nativity Story and Risen, The Chosen deals with what may have happened between the Bible verses. If you enjoyed the previous films, then you will likely enjoy The Chosen. But if you’ve only watched movies that are really firm on the text of the Bible, then you’re better off skipping it.

“I’m not interested in changing anything from Scripture,” Jenkins told Crosswalk. “We add cultural and historical context and some artistic imagination to these stories. This is not Scripture, and we add nothing to Scripture.”

He said the series created to help viewers love the Bible more.

“The show is designed to increase our love for the Scriptures, to draw us deeper into the Scriptures, and to bring to life some of the stories we have heard so many times,” he said.

About the Chosen

4. The film uses crowdfunding.

The Chosen not financed by Hollywood studios. The film funded by 15,000 investors who raised over $10 million for the film to made. VidAngel distributes it.

The multi-investor funding campaign was so successful that it received coverage on major entertainment websites such as The Hollywood Reporter. It was TV’s most successful crowdfunding campaign ever, beating Mystery Science Theater 3000 ($5.8 million). The record holder for films is Veronica Mars ($5.7 million).

The investors will receive the benefits, although most of the people who give the money don’t co-finance because they want to make a profit, Jenkins said.

Future episodes will also be funded by multiple investors. The first episode of Season 1 can be watched for free on TheChosen.TV.

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“Most investors are just excited to get a message out to the world. And so are we. So we hope this will generate opportunities to do multiple seasons and multiple episodes,” he said. “There’s no reason why we can’t do seasons six, seven, and eight.”