Barbarian, A Movie About A Fun But Horrifying Playground


“Barbarian” movie is a horror thriller film directed by Zach Cregger. Tess (Georgina Campbell) rents an Airbnb property in Detroit for a job interview. Arriving at the location, she met Keith (Bill Skarsgard), who also claimed to have rented the property through another application. Because it was raining heavily and getting late, Tess and Keith agreed to share the Airbnb for the night. Tess’ decision to stay put leads to an exploration of the property, which is the start of her nightmare.

Many media outlets provide reviews and headlines that raise high expectations in their audience. “Barbarian” movie earned a 92% critic’s score on Rotten Tomatoes (70% audience score). It’s a shame, because really good reviews don’t give the slightest hint to the audience.

“Barbarian” is not the next “Get Out” (2017) or the next “Don’t Breathe” (2016). This film actually has a class B horror formula, but executed with a unique new concept presentation.

barbarian movie

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Recently, the terms ‘horror film’ and “jump scare” have had a bad stigma in the horror scene. “Barbarian” is proof that the formula can executed into a really fun horror playground. Horror films don’t always have to be elegant and artistic. It’s often brutal, adrenaline-pumping, and cliche, and it makes the audience feel anxious about all the bad decisions made by the protagonist.

Choosing Bill Skarsgard as the character ‘mystery man’ in this scenario is a very genius choice. This beautiful actor, who also has a terrible image in the horror scene, is able to add tension to the plot. As we know, Skarsgard is famous as the clown Pennywise in the terrible “It” (2017). He also briefly appeared in the biographical series “Clark” (2022) as a criminal character, Clark Olofsson. But the audience will never guess where this character will be taken in the continuation of the story.

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barbarian movie


There isn’t much to say about “Barbarian” in a review. Because this film has a vision to challenge its audience, The trailer and official synopsis released only mention a few of the diverse content materials that audiences will encounter once they plunge into this film. The trailer model that we rarely find lately. It is highly recommended to look out for spoilers because it will be very enjoyable watched without expectations and with minimal information.

The first 30 minutes of the film will be a round that tests patience and envelops the audience with enough tension to make the heart tired. Each round of this film has a continuation that is not easy to predict. For those of us who have watched too many horror films, maybe we will try to be smart-ass viewers who blame all the decisions made by the protagonist. But believe me, the plot of the film will lead us to something unexpected. Even all the classic stupidity in this film will give you extra points.


This is why “Barbarian is a film that challenges its audience. We must not judge the protagonist’s decisions or guess the continuation of the plot. The key to enjoying this film is really starting without high expectations and comparing it to the latest quality horror films in recent years.

“Barbarian” movie is now available for streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. Entering Halloween week with various entertainment recommendations in various media, “Barbarian” can be a fun horror show to watch alone or with friends.