5 Basketball Documentary Movies on Netflix !

Basketball Movies on Netflix. Documentary films have been around for a long time in the global community. This type of film generally contains recorded facts about something. It often feels like it is. The goal is not only entertainment but also education.

Basketball, as one of the backgrounds of life, certainly cannot be separated from the spotlight. Especially if it involves players from the NBA, the best league in the world. Their prestige has sparked the intention of filmmakers to make documentaries based on available realities.

Basketball documentaries are also relatively accessible these days. The presence of viewing platforms like Netflix makes it affordable. Viewers can enjoy the show while eating snacks in front of their respective televisions.

Take a peek at these basketball documentaries that are broadcast on Netflix!

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1. Basketball Movies on Netflix: The Last Dance

ESPN released The Last Dance at the right time. When COVID-19 hit the world in 2020, this documentary came as entertainment. He helps people get rid of fatigue because they can’t go anywhere.

The Last Dance

The Last Dance itself tells the life story of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. The story of the NBA legend, who is said to be the best player of all time, has indeed attracted many people. Not only basketball lovers but also sports lovers as a whole. Understandably, Michael Jordan is listed as one of the most influential athletes in the world.

This documentary is even more interesting because it shows footage that has never been shown anywhere else. ESPN seems to have kept some important memories from their lens shots in the 1990s, when MJ and the Bulls dominated the NBA.

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The Last Dance also helps viewers fully understand Michael Jordan’s career. Some exclusive trailers are able to open the veil that so far has only appeared as an issue.

2. Basketball Movies on Netflix: The Redeem Team

The Redeem Team is quite an emotional documentary. The United States national team, which is known to be dominant, apparently experienced a downfall. Regeneration did not go as expected. However, they were able to get through it.

The Redeem Team

The Redeem Team basically follows the journey of the United States National Team, which contains the best NBA players, in the prestigious Olympic tournament. After a disappointing performance at the 2004 Athens Olympics, they tried to make amends at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

This documentary is quite interesting because it has footage that looks luxurious. In-depth interviews with relevant parties are supported by appropriate recordings. The message is conveyed according to context.

3. Untold: Malice at the Palace

Untold: Malice at the Palace features the key figures in the biggest riot in basketball history. This basketball documentary that aired on Netflix managed to persuade them to talk to the public about the terrible night at The Palace of the Auburn Hills, Detroit, Michigan, United States of America, on November 19, 2004.

basketball movies on netflix

The chaos itself started with the friction between the players. Ron Artest (now Metta Sandiford-Artest), who defended the Indiana Pacers, fouled Ben Wallace, who defended the Detroit Pistons.

The players then get involved in an argument. Some end up using physical The Detroit fans, who were hot, got into the fray.

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Someone then threw a drink at Artest, which made him furious. The player suddenly ran into the stands and hit a fan, who was later found to have missed the target.

This beating would not be the end of the world. It just made the chaos escalate. The Indiana players were escorted off the field. They were pulled into the locker room. Fans shouted at them while throwing various throwable objects.

4. Tony Parker: The Final Shot

The San Antonio Spurs are accomplished, but this team is full of simplicity. The star player alone is nicknamed The Big Fundamental. However, an anomaly occurred in the early 2000s after a French player came to the NBA.

basketball movies on netflix

The Spurs recruited Tony Parker in 2001 through the NBA Draft. The flamboyant point guard was present as a differentiator. His very French figure is an eye-catcher. Moreover, her life is also quite glamorous. He even had time to date a model.

Even so, Parker has successfully helped the Spurs become a respected team for many years. The documentary Tony Parker: The Final Shot sums it all up.

This documentary examines Tony Parker’s background and career by showing his life in a stark light. This film also confirms the player’s status as the best in France.

5. Bill Russell: Legend

Bill Russell is not a random figure. NBA players respect him. The same goes for athletes from other sports. For them, Bill Russell was not only one of the best players but also a community icon.

basketball movies on netflix

The documentary film Bill Russell: Legend quite eloquently explains why the player is so respected. He has an important legacy at the Boston Celtics after winning the most NBA championship rings in history.

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Bill Russell: Legend is like a summary of the greatness of the most influential athlete, not only in his time but also in the future. This biography contains the life journey of a man who has built something bigger than his own life.

These five basketball documentaries that are broadcast on Netflix are worth watching, both for sports lovers and the general public. According to its function, it is not only entertaining but also educational. So what are you waiting for?