7 Best Recommendation Movies About Education

Movies About Education – Education is a very important thing for humans. With education, humans will be smarter because their minds and logic are opened globally. This of course has an impact on human survival, where living humans need knowledge to fulfill all their life needs.

Without knowledge and education, humans will live in darkness, thus threatening the human population on this earth. As time goes by, education is increasingly considered important, so the world’s education system was born, complete with all the facilities such as schools and textbooks.

Not a few people think that education is No. 1 of the many aspects in life. This is proof of how important education is, so that everyone is obliged to receive education themselves. Various motivations continue to be provided so that people are always active and enthusiastic about being educated.

One of the motivations for continuing to be educated has even become a theme in several films around the world. Of course, this educational-themed film is a positive spectacle that can inspire us all to continue to strive to obtain education and useful knowledge so that we become smarter and more knowledgeable. Are you curious about the best and most recommended educational themed films to watch? Come on, check out some movies about education below!

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Movies About Education

1. 3 Idiots

3 Idiots

Bollywood is in the house! This time, this comedy drama genre film comes from India. Tells the story of three friends named Farhan (R. Madhavan), Raju (Sharman) and Rancho (Aamir) who are engineering students at a well-known university in India. Their university is led by a rector named Viru who is upright about everything.

Some students at the University have even committed suicide because of the campus education system. No one dared to change the Chancellor’s policy until the 3 friends became new students at the University, especially Rancho. Rancho can ‘penetrate’ the campus education system and make everything change for the better with the bonus of dating the rector’s daughter, Pia (Kareena Kapoor).

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2. Like Stars on Earth

Like Stars on Earth

Another film from India. This time it tells about the life of an 8 year old boy named Ishan Awasthi who really hates school. He couldn’t like school because he thought everything was difficult and he wasn’t liked by his teachers and friends. This is made worse by the situation where Ishan’s father continues to pressure Ishan to be smart and his older brother to be an expert in everything.

Giving up on the situation, Ishan’s parents finally sent Ishan to a boarding school. There things didn’t get any better. Ishan reached the point where he wanted to commit suicide but one of Ishan’s friends helped him. After this incident, there were many changes with Ishan, plus there was a teacher named Ram who became his student’s guardian. Ishan was finally able to overcome all his school problems.

3. Dead Poet Society

Dead Poet Society

Welton Academy is an elite private school in England. There almost all the students excel; Among the many students listed as outstanding students, there is one name that is the most well-known and most prominent of all the students. His name is Neil Perry. Neil is friends with Todd Anderson who has just entered the school. Neil’s other friends such as Knox, Richard, Stephen, Gerard and Charlie also welcomed Todd.

When they first entered class, they were all shocked by the implementation of unorthodox teaching methods by their new English teacher named John Keating. The teacher had his own way of teaching which was considered very new to Neil and the others; After investigating, their teacher was a member of a club called the Dead Poet Society which Welton rejected. Intrigued, Neil instead investigates the club and starts over. Making a series of bad events happen.

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4. To Sir, With Love

movies about education

The story in this film is based on a novel with the same title by E. R. Braithwaite which was released in 1959. Tells about the life of Mark Thackeray. He is an immigrant from British Guiana to the United Kingdom. In his new place, Mark decided to apply for a job as an engineer, but because the announcement took quite a long time, Mark filled his time by teaching at a school called North Quay Secondary School in the easternmost part of London.

Mark was very surprised when the students he taught had bad tempers, were disruptive in class, and often teased new teachers. At first Mark was patient with them until one day, he lost his patience because the naughty students burned something on the lab stove. Finally Mark decided how to deal with and teach them all. Mark found one method. ‘Adult’ class teaching methods.

5. Movies About Education: Detachment

movies about education

Henry Barthes (Adrien Brody) is a substitute teacher. He is very weak in building good connections with his students. Henry also never stayed long in one assigned district and was always on the move. Feeling tired and frustrated; Henry was finally placed in a country filled with riotous students and parents who no longer cared about their children or even their education.

When other teachers gave up, Henry became a role model for children at the state school. Even the administration is neat and complete. Henry’s students see Henry as an example for them because Henry is considered to have the same life story as them, his students. Henry was also able to build good connections with everyone.

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6. The Class

movies about education

The Class is a French drama film directed by Laurent Cantent; tells the story of the life of a French language and literature teacher named Francois Marin (Francois Begaudeau) who works at a school on the outskirts of Paris. In Marin’s new school year of teaching, he has tried to get the attention of his students who are known to be troublemakers.

Marin got closer by conveying and sharing his story as a teacher, the problems he faced, and the bad effects of teenage violence. Even though Marin has started to get their attention, still, educational and ethnic elements among the students make them divided into several groups that Marin didn’t expect.

7. Movies About Education: Monsieur Lazhar

movies about education

This film tells the story of Bachir Lazhar, or who is often called Monsieur Lazhar while at school. He is an Algerian immigrant and became a teacher. Lazhar then offers himself as a substitute teacher for the previous teacher who died by hanging himself in class. Lazhar initially doubted whether he would be accepted, but the principal accepted him.

When Lazhar taught, there were several things that caught Lazahar’s attention; one of the most obvious is the existence of a cultural gap in the classroom which makes it difficult or even impossible for children to adapt to school SOPs. Not to mention, these children tend to ignore Lazhar because they still feel like they have missed their previous teacher who had accompanied them for a long time. Can Lazhar change this situation?