5 Best Fun Romantic Films Like Bridget Jones You Should Watch

Films Like Bridget Jones – The majority of us are familiar with Bridget Jones, the thirty-something spinster who begins to maintain a diary the same year she starts looking for love. This lighthearted story, which is based on Helen Fielding‘s novel, resonated with a lot of us and is still a favorite among rom-com fans.

Because it conveys stories of passion and heartbreak in a way that isn’t overly serious or dismal, the romantic comedy genre is highly adored. While heartbreaking romance films have their place, there are occasions when you just want to curl up with something that tells a lovely story without making you cry all night.

Here are some fantastic romantic comedies that will make you laugh out loud and warm your heart if you enjoyed Bridget Jones’ Diary.

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Films Like Bridget Jones

1. My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997)

My Best Friend's Wedding (1997)

Although this film doesn’t have the same vibe as a typical rom-com, it nonetheless has a compelling plot and what seems like a very real character. When Julianne (Julia Roberts) finds out that Michael (Dermot Mulroney), her childhood best friend, is getting married, she is surprised. After coming to terms with her love for him, she resolves to ruin the wedding in any way she can. Despite being the protagonist, you may not always agree with her as she picks up some valuable life lessons along the road.

I recall being furious with Julianne the entire time I was watching this movie. But when the credits rolled, I was left smiling because of how satisfying the finale was. An added benefit is that Cameron Diaz, another one of my favorite actresses, stars in this film. I heartily suggest this film, which some have deemed to be the greatest romantic comedy of the 1990s, even though it is over twenty years old.

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2. The Proposal (2009)

The Proposal (2009)

One of my favorite actors, Sandra Bullock, who is also well-known for Gravity and Miss Congeniality, is starring in The Proposal. Ryan Reynolds, who starred in Definitely, Maybe and Deadpool, is also in this movie.

The story of The Proposal centers on domineering Canadian publisher Margaret, who orders her assistant Andrew (Reynolds) to marry her since her visa status is in jeopardy and she faces deportation. They may not like one other at first; the only reason Andrew accepts is because she threatens to fire him if he doesn’t cooperate. However, after visiting Andrew’s relatives in Alaska, their feelings may alter.

Bullock, who is a hilarious actor, has some hilarious moments in this film that will make you laugh out loud, and it also contains some heartfelt but not overly corny moments. In 2009, my mother and I watched this movie at the theater, and I recall how funny everyone was there. If you enjoy Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds, I highly suggest it.

3. The Ugly Truth (2009)

Films Like Bridget Jones

Although I have a soft spot for Gerard Butler, this raucous film is nonetheless a great 2009 release that’s entertaining to watch with your ladies. Abby (Katherine Heigl) is a stiff but endearing TV producer whose world falls apart when Mike (Butler), a TV host she despises, joins her show to boost its declining viewership. Abby’s perfectionist nature makes it difficult for her to find a partner, so Mike offers to help her find the one in exchange for allowing him to take charge of her life. They develop what may turn out to be more than just an odd friendship.

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This film isn’t suitable for younger viewers due to its numerous sexual references, but it is entertaining and simple to watch, with two extremely attractive males in leading roles! This is a great idea for a girl’s night in.

4. 13 Going on 30 (2004)

Films Like Bridget Jones

Thirteen Going on Thirty is perfect for tweens and teens, in contrast to some of the other books on our list. It narrates the tale of Jenna (Jennifer Garner), who aspires to be thirty years old after being bullied when she was thirteen and is startled to discover her dreams have come true. She finds out what the autopilot-her has been up to for the past seventeen years, finds it difficult to adjust to being an adult with a job, and goes in search of her closest childhood buddy, Matt (Mark Ruffalo). But she discovers that since turning thirteen, a lot has happened.

I grew up watching this incredibly cute movie a lot, and even now as an adult, I still find it entertaining. If you’re looking for a cute movie to watch with your sister or daughter, this one is ideal.

5. Films Like Bridget Jones: Love Actually (2003)

Films Like Bridget Jones

The British film Love Actually, which chronicles the love tales of multiple people at once, is another wonderful classic. I highly suggest watching this Christmas classic if you haven’t already. It features an amazing ensemble that includes Liam Neeson, Emma Thompson, Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Keira Knightley, and more.

There are humorous, touching, and depressing stories among them. This is a charming movie that you can watch with friends or by yourself. It has a solid storyline, some humorous scenes, and a warm, cuddly Christmas vibe.