5 Best Sniper Films Similar to Shooter

Films Similar to Shooter – The film Shooter, starring Mark Wahlberg, tells the story of a sniper named Bob Lee Swagger. He is actually retired and living in exile. Unfortunately, the time that should have been peaceful had to be disturbed by the sudden arrival of an FBI member. The FBI member asked Swagger to return to carry out another great mission.

It is said that this mission is related to the existence of a syndicate that plans to assassinate the president. Therefore, Swagger was asked to uncover the problem. But it turns out, it was all a trap. The Archbishop of Ethiopia was shot dead and suddenly Swagger was blamed and considered the mastermind of the murder. Swagger, who didn’t accept it, immediately tried to find the real killer.

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Films Similar to Shooter

1. JACK REACHER (2012)


JACK REACHER is a recommendation for a sniper film that you shouldn’t miss. This film, starring Tom Cruise, tells the story of a former military man named Jack Reacher. He lives mysteriously and his whereabouts cannot be traced. In fact, he was able to appear after there was a murder case that killed five people. So, when an investigation was carried out, at the scene of the murder, the fingerprints of a former sniper named James Barr were found.

When James Barr was questioned, he only said that he had to meet Jack Reacher. After that, James Barr was beaten by fellow prison inmates, causing him to fall into a coma. Not long after, Jack Reacher appeared. So, is there really a connection between Jack Reacher and this case?

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Next, there is LONE SURVIVOR as a recommendation for a sniper film which is quite impressive. In general, this film tells the story of a sniper named Marcus Luttrell and his friends who are part of the US Navy Seals hunting for the Shah. Shah himself was the leader of the Taliban who was the mastermind behind the deaths of 20 US marines.

However, the mission could not run smoothly. There is someone who knows about the plan. Even though Marcus and his friends were kind and let the person go. Based on this person’s report, Shah actually chased Marcus CS back. So, how will their mission continue?

3. Films Similar to Shooter: AMERICAN SNIPER (2014)

Films Similar to Shooter

If you are looking for recommendations for the best sniper films, of course you can’t miss AMERICAN SNIPER. This American war drama biographical film tells the story of a skilled sniper named Chris Kyle. It is said that he had honed his shooting skills from his father. Therefore, he also dreams of becoming a shooter.

As an adult, he underwent special training and then became a sniper in the United States Navy SEALs. His skills continued to be honed until he was named the greatest sniper in United States military history. So, are you interested in watching this film by director Clint Eastwood?

4. SNIPER: LEGACY (2014)

Films Similar to Shooter

As the title suggests, you certainly shouldn’t miss this sniper film recommendation. SNIPER: LEGACY tells the story of a character named Brandon. He returned to complete the mission to capture the conspirators who had murdered his comrades in the Congo.

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While carrying out the mission, he felt satisfied because he had succeeded in killing the mastermind of the gang and thought that this problem was all over. Unfortunately, he missed out because his father, who was a skilled sniper, died as a result of being murdered by a mysterious group. Of course, Brandon was angry and didn’t accept it. So, what are Brandon’s steps in facing this reality?


Films Similar to Shooter

There are other recommendations for exciting sniper films that shouldn’t be missed. The recommended film entitled SNIPER: ULTIMATE KILL tells the story of a famous sniper named Brandon who is asked by the authorities to go to Colombia. He was assigned to kill The Devil and capture Jesus Morales.

Jesus Morales is the biggest drug dealer in Colombia. No one dared to fight Jesus because he was protected by a sniper named The Devil. This makes Jesus even more powerful. Are you curious about the success of your mission in hunting down Jesus and The Devil? Just watch the film for yourself!