10 Best Movies Like American Pie Recommendation

Thelongestfilm.comMovies Like American Pie. is one of the many phenomena in the Hollywood film industry. Using the theme of school or college comedy, this film is quite related to the lives of college students in many countries. It’s not surprising that his name is still used as a benchmark for finding films like that.

It is also not an exaggeration if American Pie is considered a standard college comedy film that is synonymous with living as one pleases, being free, fearless, reckless, loyal to friends, ambitious, and full of turmoil. This film depicts a young rebel who is still full of energy.

If you are a diehard American Pie fan, some of the following American Pie-like films can be used as another reference: These films are no less exciting and provide an understanding and another perspective on life through the eyes of young people. What is the title of the film in question?

1. Animal House (1978)

10 movies like American Pie

American Pie may be phenomenal, but when it comes to the “father” of college comedy films, the answer is Animal House (1978). This film tells the story of a group of bad students who are members of a group called Delta.

They often violate several campus regulations. Their grades and anything related to their academics are bad. Meanwhile, there is a group of students who are members of the Omegas group. They tend to be tidier but arrogant. Omegas and Deltas are two groups that are always at war.

2. Movies Like American Pie: Porky’s (1981)

10 movies like American Pie

This film tells the story of a group of high school students who plan to let go of their virginity for the first time. The students then go to Porky’s, a nightclub that provides prostitutes for rent.

When they got there, the club owner, Porky (Chuck Mitchell), only took money and then humiliated the youths. Feeling ashamed and wronged, they plan to take revenge. How will these youths repay Porky’s actions?

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3. Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982)

10 movies like American Pie

Brad Hamilton (Judge Reinhold) is a popular senior at Ridgemont High School. He works at a burger restaurant. As a young man, it seemed natural that Brad would have problems with his girlfriend. Brad has a 15-year-old younger sister named Stacy Hamilton (Jennifer Jason Leigh).

Stacy is dating Ron Johnson (D.W. Brown) and lies about his age. The girl made love to Ron, and it was the first time for her.

Meanwhile, Mark Ratner (Brian Backer) has a crush on Stacy. Shy Mark makes Stacy hesitate. This girl also started dating Mike Damone (Robert Romanus). Stacy then became pregnant and intended to abort her womb.

4. Movies Like American Pie: Road Trip (2000)

10 movies like American Pie

This film tells the story of Josh Parker (Breckin Meyer) and Tiffany (Rachel Blanchard), who have to undergo LDR because they study at different campuses. One day Josh sleeps with Beth Wagner (Amy Smart), and the video tape is accidentally sent to Tiffany. Panicked, Josh and his friends then went to Tiffany’s place. They had to travel 2,900 kilometers to Austin!

The excitement and stories told during this trip are the core of the story of this film. Starting with a car that was damaged because it was desperate to jump over a gap and was finally forced to continue on foot, Kyle Edwards’ father (DJ Qualls) panicked when he saw his son’s car destroyed, and so on. This film, which is similar to American Pie, is no less exciting.

5. Wet Hot American Summer (2001)

10 movies like American Pie

In 1981, a summer camp, Camp Firewood, is preparing for its final day of camp. Everyone is excited to show their best talent. Including Ben (Bradley Cooper) and Susie (Amy Poehler), two drama instructors.

Meanwhile, many of the campers had fallen in love. Like Beth (Janeane Garofalo) to Henry (David Hyde Pierce), Coop (Michael Showalter) to Katie (Marguerite Moreau), and McKinley (Michael Ian Black) to Ben. How did the silliness between them happen?

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6. Old School (2003)

 Old School (2003)

Mitch Martin (Luke Wilson) finds Heidi (Juliette Lewis) watching adult films and frequently participating in sex parties. The man then cut ties with her. Mitch then meets his high school friend, Nicole (Ellen Pompeo), at Frank Richard’s (Will Ferrell) wedding.

Bernard Campbell (Vince Vaughn), a friend of Mitch’s, throws a housewarming party, but at Mitch’s house. The three of them, Mitch, Frank, and Bernard, meet an old acquaintance they used to make fun of in their school days. He is Gordon Pritchard (Jeremy Piven). Since then, the conflict between them has become increasingly exciting.

7. Movies Like American Pie: Accepted (2006)

Accepted (2006)

Bartleby Gaines (Justin Long) creates a fake university called the Shout Harmon Institute of Technology (SHIT) after failing to get into many colleges. In order to convince his father, Bartleby asked Ben Lewis (Lewis Black) to disguise himself as the university’s dean. Bartleby also rented an asylum and renovated it as a campus.

The deception continues when Bartleby “enters” children who other colleges reject as students. They believe the SHIT campus is real. How about the courses? Bartleby let them make their own. Starting from culinary arts, sculpture, to meditation. This American Pie-like movie is absolutely ridiculous!

8. The House Bunny (2008)

The House Bunny (2008)

Shelley Darlingson (Anna Faris) is a Playboy Playmate. He dreams of living in luxury at the Playboy Mansion. One day he received a letter, allegedly from Hugh Hefner, asking him to pack up and live in the Playboy Mansion. It turns out that the letter was a fake sent by his rival, Cassandra (Monet Mazur).

The story in this film continues when Cassandra is rejected by a group of beautiful female students who are members of Phi Lota Mu. He then saw a more luxurious house called Zeta Alpha Zeta. There are several Zeta members, including Shelley as the head. How will the relationship between Cassandra and Shelley develop next?

9. Sex Drive (2008)

Sex Drive (2008)

The next American Pie-like film is Sex Drive. This film tells the story of a young man named Ian Lafferty (Josh Zuckerman), who is 18 years old. He searches for girls online and then meets Ms. Tasty in cyberspace. The two agree to meet. Ian also made the trip with his best friends, Lance Nesbitt (Clark Duke) and Felicia Alpine (Amanda Crew).

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A trip to see Ms. Tasty is not as easy as imagined. The three have to hitch a ride because their car’s radiator is hot and malfunctioning. Ian even had to deal with the police when he threw iron at a police car. Then will Ian be able to meet Ms. Tasty, whom she knows online?

10. Movies Like American Pie: Fired Up! (2009)

Fired Up! (2009)

Nick Brady (Eric Christian Olsen) and Shawn Colfax (Nicholas D’Agosto) are two popular football players at Gerald R. Ford High School. They leave the football camp and enter the cheerleading group after learning that there are about 300 girls in training. The two infiltrate there to meet the girls.

Coming with the intention of having fun, Nick and Shawn are actually interested in the various activities there. Like cheers, agile movements, and others. The two of them then actually joined the club and prepared to take part in the competition. Want to see Nick and Shawn’s goofy behavior? Watch Fired Up! this weekend!

The film that is similar to American Pie above has almost the same silliness and excitement. This kind of film is indeed suitable for entertainment, relaxing nerves that are tense because of work. The scenes are effective at making people laugh while at the same time not thinking at all. So, do you know which one to watch first?