5 Hollywood Films about the Struggles of People with Autism

Films about Autism. The film is full of messages that can be a lesson for everyone, including the story in the film, which contains the struggles of people with autism. It is undeniable that people with autism often exhibit negative behaviors, and some even get ostracized by those closest to them.

In fact, they have the same right to socialize and communicate, although in different ways. They have different ways of communicating and getting their point across to others.

Further socialization and education are needed so that everyone can understand what autism means. One of the socialization materials can be films, which are perfect for watching while relaxing.

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1. Films about Autism: Please Stand By (2017)

Please Stand By is a drama film adapted from the 2008 short drama of the same title by Michael Golamco. This film, directed by Ben Lewin, tells the story of a young woman with autism, Asperger’s syndrome.

People with autism will have developmental disabilities that affect their ability to socialize and communicate effectively. Well, in this film, the young woman runs away from her nanny and struggles to submit the manuscripts that have been written to Star Trek, a fictional media institution.

2. Keep the Change (2017)

Keep the Change tells the story of David (Brandon Polansky), a person with autism, and his girlfriend Sarah (Samantha Elisofon), who experience a love that is often seen as unusual. However, that changed when they met a group of people with autism. The group changed a lot in their lives and taught them a very valuable lesson.

3. Films about Autism: The Accountant (2016)

The Accountant film tells the story of Christian Wolff (Ben Affleck), who has been abandoned by his mother since he was young because he suffers from one of the symptoms of autism. Christian Wolff was diagnosed with high-functioning autism or autism without intellectual disability.

Christian is lucky because he has a father who takes care of him. Therefore, he was given special education with his younger brother at home. From self-defense to accounting As an adult, Christian also worked as a forensic accountant, which eventually led him to a dangerous case.

4. The Story of Luke (2013)

The Story of Luke tells the story of Luke (Lou Taylor Pucci), a person with autism who struggles to live a normal life like other people. In addition, Luke must accept the death of his grandmother, who has been raising him. However, that did not discourage him. He then got a job and fell in love with a woman.

5. Films about Autism: Fly Away (2011)

Fly Away tells the story of the struggle of Jeanne, a single mother who cares for Mandy, her child who has autism. Mandy was frequently turned down for school, and even the school she had attended had kicked her out. Jeanne and her husband kept trying to cheer Mandy up so she wouldn’t give up. This film depicts the emotional story of how two parents care for their child with special needs.

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