5 Popular The Mummy Film Series: Thrilling Adventure Stories

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A mummy is a corpse that is preserved, which was usually done by the ancient Egyptians in ancient times. And this activity usually carried out only by royal descendants. Because it is a unique thing, it’s not surprising that mummies often made into films, such as the following The Mummy film series.

Yes, mummies are a unique thing and often become research material. However, not a few also believe that mummies can rise and become terrible creatures that can kill living humans. So, in The Mummy film series, KLovers will see exciting stories about mummies.

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Here are some recommendations for The Mummy film series that can be watched for entertainment. From thrilling adventure stories to horror stories of human burial ghosts.

1. THE MUMMY (1999), The Mummy Film Series.

THE MUMMY (1999), The Mummy Film Series

The first Mummy film series released in 1999 under the title The Mummy. The film tells the story of Rick O’Connell and Evelyn, who, along with a group of archaeologists, accidentally awaken a grisly mummy during an archaeological dig in the ancient city of Hamunaptra. Until chaos ensued.

In ancient Egypt, in 1290 BC, the high priest Imhotep had a forbidden love affair with Anck-su-Jadi, the mistress of the pharaoh Seti I. They killed the pharaoh after the relationship discovered by him. Then Imhotep fled, while Anck-su-Jadi intercepted the pharaoh’s guards and committed suicide in the hope that someday Imhotep would revive him.

After Anck-su-Tapi buried, Imhotep and his priests stole her corpse and traveled to Hamunaptra, the city of the dead, where they began the resurrection ceremony. But the ceremony thwarted by the pharaoh’s guards. Finally, Imhotep and his followers captured and mummified alive.

Imhotep sentenced to Hom Dai to cursed in this world and the hereafter forever. He buried with flesh-eating beetles in a sarcophagus under the feet of a statue of the god Anubis and guarded by a group of tomb keepers called the Medjay. In Cairo, in 1926, Richard Rick O’Connell and Evelyn headed to Hamunaptra’s burial place, guided by Rick O’Connell.

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There, Evelyn finds the Book of the Dead in the American troupe’s tent while they are sleeping. He read the book aloud so that Imhotep rose again. Realizing the threat from Imhotep, they returned to Cairo to get information from Dr. terrence. They all also try to survive the attack of the mummy.

2. THE MUMMY RETURNS (2001), The Mummy Film Series.

THE MUMMY RETURNS (2001), The Mummy Film Series

The second Mummy film series released in 2001, entitled The Mummy Returns. This film tells the story of King Scorpion’s soldiers, who lost to history. After 10 years, a priest tries to revive them. However, it takes a magic bracelet to be able to control them all.

In 3067 BC, the Scorpion King enlisted the help of the god Anubis to defeat his enemies and rule the world. If Anubis is willing to grant his request, then the Scorpion King is willing to give his soul to serve Anubis, and the god grants his request.

When the Scorpion King almost died from the scorching heat of the desert, Anubis created Ahm Shere, an oasis with a magnificent pyramid in the middle of the desert, and saved the life of the Scorpion King, who now has tremendous power. Until he has a magical army given to him by the god Anubis, Thanks to the help of God, the Scorpion King managed to win.

Until many years passed, Richard Rick O’Connell and Evelyn managed to find a bracelet that could awaken the Scorpion King. Until the figure of Mr. Hafez teams up with Meela Nais to revive Imhotep and wants to retrieve the bracelet by killing Richard’s family, Rick O’Connell and Evelyn.

3. THE MUMMY: TOMB OF THE DRAGON EMPEROR (2008), The Mummy Film Series.

Earlier, from the story of the desert, this time there is the film The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, which takes the story from the plains of China. Yes, this film, The Mummy, tells the story of Richard Rick O’Connell and Evelyn, who have to go to China because of a relic that can bring people back from the dead.

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It said that Emperor Han, a ruler who lived in ancient China and known as the Dragon Emperor, had the ambition to conquer all of China and become the most feared ruler in the whole world. Until he ordered the erection of the Great Wall of China by burying his enemies under the wall,

After that, the Han Emperor then ordered Ming Guo, the person he trusted the most, as well as his general, to bring the immortal sorcerer Zi Yuan before the emperor. However, Emperor Han captivated by Zi Yuan’s beauty and forbade anyone to approach her. However, General Ming and Zi Yuan fall in love with each other.

Until the relationship between the two discovered by the Emperor, However, the Emperor sentenced General Ming to death. Zi Yuan, who saw the Emperor’s crime, cursed the Emperor and his entire terracotta army to become mummies covered in clay. Until 1945, the Emperor resurrected by his loyal followers.

4. THE PYRAMID (2014)

The next film in The Mummy film series a film called The Pyramid, due in 2014. This film will show a different side from the three previous mummy films. The Pyramid film is more of a horror story that is quite terrible for you to follow. The film revolves around an archaeological team trying to unlock the secrets of the pyramids that buried beneath the Egyptian desert.

However, none of them thought that a terrifying creature was ready to hunt them down and kill them. This film tells the story of a father and son who are both archaeologists, named Holden and Nora. Accidentally, both of them found a pyramid in Egypt. Then, father and son and the team began preparations to enter the recently discovered pyramid.

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However, after they entered the pyramid, many strange things happened. Even a few traps almost cost them their lives. However, there is something more terrible that makes them disappear one by one. Like a human figure, but has died ready to prey on them.

5. THE MUMMY (2017)

And the latest in the Mummy film series is the Mummy 2017 film. The film tells how, after an airstrike on an enemy base, Nick Morton discovers Princess Ahmanet’s grave site buried beneath the desert. When the demon princess rises again, Nick must fight for his life.

The story of The Mummy 2017 begins when Nick Morton looking for a sarcophagus to resold at a high price. In searching for the sarcophagus, Nick is not alone; he is also accompanied by Jenny, a female archaeologist. During their search, they found Ahmanet’s tomb, which is thousands of years old.

Ahmanet is the daughter of the Pharaoh King, who lived in ancient Egypt. After getting that, they finally transported the tomb with a military plane. However, on the way to London, strange things happened. Starting with a big storm, a group of birds crash into a plane until their plane crashes.

Nick, who had been declared dead and was already in the autopsy room, suddenly woke up and again felt a strange incident. Assisted by Henry, a scientist. Nick, Jenny, and Henry try to prevent Ahmanet’s awakening, which could endanger the safety of today’s humanity with his dark magic.

Those are some of the Mummy films. These films not only provide tense action, but some also present stories that are quite horrific and terrible.