10 of the Best and Most tense Movies about Kidnapping

Best Kidnapping Movies. The current number of film productions makes the genres and storylines in films more diverse. Tense films are no exception, such as horror and action films.

However, horror movies are not always scary and tense. Films that will also make you nervous are those about kidnapping. So that you’re not curious, just read the 10 best kidnapping movies listed below.

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1. Below Zero

Martin (Javier Gutiérrez) is a police officer. His desk is to accompany each convict to be transferred to other prisons, which are scattered in many areas. Martin’s task became even more difficult when, one time, he brought a group of dangerous-level convicts to be escorted to another prison with more sophisticated security, but while on the way, both Martin and the prisoners he brought were trapped in the truck.

best kidnapping movies

The truck he was traveling in was intercepted by another group of thugs, who continued to fire bullets at the truck they were all traveling in. Not only Martin, but the entire group of convicts is also in danger. Martin’s task, apart from accompanying the prisoners, has turned into saving the prisoners. Will Martin finish his job well?

2. Room

Room is the story of a kidnapper who kidnaps a woman and locks her in a room called “Room”. During the kidnapping, Joy gives birth to a boy who then lives only by knowing the world from within “Room”.

best kidnapping movies

Even though she never left the room, Joy still watched and cared for Jack with great affection. Joy also teaches Jack about the outdoors in Room.He also made sure that even though he only lived in Jack’s room, he could still enjoy his life.

But as he grew, Jack began to be curious about the circumstances of those who were always in this “Room”. Then, just as Joy’s patience is running out, she plots an escape from “Room”.

How will the end of the escape from joy be? Will Jack finally be able to see the outside world? This Room film will make you feel tense watching Joy and Jack’s escape from their kidnappers, so don’t forget to watch it.

3. Prisoners

The film, titled Prisoners and starring Hugh Jackman, tells the story of a father who tries to find the whereabouts of his daughter and best friend, who suddenly disappear during Thanksgiving.

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The father, Keller Dover (Hugh Jackman), is faced with every parent’s nightmare when their child disappears. Even more panicked, his son disappeared along with his best friend.


The only clue is the RV that was previously parked on the street near their house. As the investigation progressed, suspicion fell on the driver of the RV car. The lack of evidence prevented the police from arresting the driver of the RV.

As the police and detectives continue to piece together clues, the pressure on Keller mounts. Knowing that his daughter’s safety cannot be guaranteed, Keller decides to find the kidnapper and save his own daughter. Will he be able to save his daughter?

4. Misery

There have been many films that tell about the obsession of fans with their idols. “Misery” is one of the films that carries this theme.

Paul Sheldon (James Caan) is a famous novelist. One of his novels, in which the main character is named Misery Chastain, is very popular in the market. But Paul felt it was time to end the series about Misery. Paul plans to write a novel with a new character.


One day, Paul started his journey from New York to Silver Creek, a place where he used to get inspiration to write his novels. On the way, the car Paul was driving was caught in a snowstorm. Luckily, there is a woman named Annie Wikes (Kathy Bates) who helps Paul.

Annie is so kind and friendly. The woman said that she was a big fan of Paul’s novels. After resting enough at Annie’s house and the storm having stopped, Paul was about to go on a trip. However, Annie seems to be blocking it and intends to keep Paul away from the outside world.

Gradually, Paul realizes that Annie is a psychopathic woman who does not accept when Misery’s character is ‘killed’ by Paul. The only way to survive is to revive the miserable character that Annie admires so much.

5. Taken

Familiar with the dialogue above? Yes, the fragment of dialogue spoken by Liam Neeson comes from the film “Taken”. These words are very popular and are often used as material for memes.

Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) is a former CIA agent who spends his retirement with his only daughter, Kim Mills (Maggie Grace). Kim, who is in her teens, asks Bryan for permission to go on vacation to Paris with her best friend, Amanda. Even though Bryan didn’t agree at first, his ex-wife, Leonore (Famke Janssen), managed to convince him to give permission.


When they arrived in Paris, Kim and Amanda met a man who offered to share the taxi fare. Without suspecting anything, Kim and Amanda agreed. Even though the man is one of the kidnapping syndicate and intends to find out where the two girls live,

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On the other hand, Bryan finally found out that the vacation to Paris that Kim had promised was a lie. Kim and Amanda went on a U2 tour around Europe. When Bryan calls Kim to ask for an explanation, Kim witnesses Amanda being taken away by the kidnappers. After kidnapping Amanda, the kidnappers intend to take Kim too.

Realizing that his daughter was in danger, Bryan finally followed Kim and Amanda to Paris. He decided to find the whereabouts of his only daughter himself, armed with his experience while at the CIA.

6. A Perfect World

Abduction-themed films don’t always have a terrible ending. “A Perfect World” is a kidnapping film with a touching story.

A Perfect World

Starting with a convict named Butch (Kevin Cotsner) who escaped from prison. Realizing his desperate position, Butch finally kidnaps a boy named Phillip (or Buzz) (T. J. Lowther) to be used as a hostage.

During the kidnapping, the chemistry between Butch and Phillip builds. Butch feels that he is a father figure for a son, while Phillip, who no longer has a father, feels that he has found a father figure and a friend in Butch again.

7. Saw

The “Saw” film franchise is indeed very popular. But have you watched the first “Saw” movie? Yes, the debut of the Saw series began in 2004. The first “Saw” was directed by James Wan. In that film, the audience is immediately introduced to the figure of Jigsaw, who is famous for kidnapping his victims to be ‘forced’ to play the deadly games he has designed.

best kidnapping movies

The film opens with two men who are kidnapped and knocked unconscious. After they regained consciousness, they were placed in a room, and there was a lifeless body near them. The two men are instructed to play a death game, which results in either having to kill each other or disastrous consequences.

8. Gone, Baby Gone

A 4-year-old girl was kidnapped. The local police have conducted an investigation, but to no avail. The girl’s aunt finally hires the services of two private investigators, Patrick Kenzie (Casey Affleck) and Angie Gennaro (Michelle Monaghan).

best kidnapping movies

The two detectives actually admit that they don’t have much experience dealing with cases of this type. But the girl’s family still insists on hiring them.

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Over time, these two detectives began to discover new facts. Patrick and Angie have to face drug trafficking syndicates, gangsters, and even pedophiles. When they almost find a bright spot for this kidnapping case, both of them are faced with a moral dilemma.

9. Alpha Dog

It all started with Jake (Ben Foster), who had a debt with Johnny (Emile Hirsch). Unable to pay his debts, Jake tries to ask Johnny for leniency. But Johnny remained unmoved. When visiting Jake’s house, Johnny sees Zack (Anton Yelchin), who is Jake’s younger brother.

best kidnapping movies

After seeing Zack, Johnny thought of kidnapping him. In the end, Johnny decides to kidnap a teenage boy who doesn’t really interfere in his brother’s affairs. Johnny takes Zack to the house of one of his friends, Frankie (Justin Timberlake).

After the kidnapping, it turned out that Zack’s family reported this case to the police. They also started looking for Zack through the media and posters posted on the street. Realizing his position is in danger, Johnny intends to kill Zack. This event finally made Johnny a fugitive as well as the youngest person most wanted by the FBI.

10. All the Money in the World

What mother’s heart doesn’t break when she finds out that her beloved son has been kidnapped? Gail Harris (Michelle Williams) experienced this when she learned that her son, John Paul Getty III (Charlie Plummer), had been kidnapped. Her captors demanded a ransom if Gail wanted her son released.

best kidnapping movies

Gail finally begs J. Paul Getty (Christopher Plummer), Getty III’s grandfather, who is a wealthy oil businessman. Unfortunately, the grandfather was not moved to provide the ransom money so that his grandson could return.

Gail kept racking her brains to free her son. Gail ends up working with Fletcher Chase (Mark Wahlberg), a business manager at J. Paul Getty’s company and a former CIA agent. Gail and Fletcher must move quickly before it’s too late.