6 Best Family Movies in Netflix Recommendation

Family Movies in Netflix – Get ready to liven up your family vacation with Netflix. Here are recommendations for Netflix films that you can watch with your family.

Starting from animated adventures that will encourage your little one to be more creative, to funny comedies that can be recommendations for watching with the family. Not only that, new stories from classic films can invite you to reminisce. So, prepare your favorite snacks for an adventure on a cinema journey that will provide laughter, happiness and unforgettable family moments through the following film recommendations:

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Family Movies in Netflix

1. The Bad Guys: A Very Bad Holiday

 The Bad Guys: A Very Bad Holiday

Join the charismatic Mr. Wolf and a group of brave animal adventurers on a mission to restore the townsfolk’s holiday spirit while keeping their annual heist mission afloat. This animated film is a wonderful mix of joy and jaw-dropping magic, making it a treat for everyone in the family.

2. My Little Pony: Make Your Mark: Chapter 6

My Little Pony: Make Your Mark: Chapter 6

Prepare yourself for an amazing mix of thrilling action, visual fantasy and an unbeatable spirit of adventure. Join brave ponies and mighty dragons as they form unlikely gangs and push the boundaries of bravery. But this is not just a story for children, it is an epic adventure that adults can enjoy with the whole family because it is full of enviable stories of friendship, courage and team strength.

This will be an experience that will spark your imagination and remind you that heroic deeds know no age limits.

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3. LEO


Get ready for LEO, a wild and hilarious future musical comedy that will take you back to school and all its excitement. Adam Sandler voices Leo, the pet, in sensational style. With Leo, you can dance and sing while remembering the magic of childhood. LEO will make anyone smile and laugh until the end of the film.

4. Family Switch

Family Movies in Netflix

Bring the family into a holiday story that invites laughter! From awkward encounters to hilarious mishaps, this multi-generational comedy story will bring a great entertainment experience to everyone. Follow this comedic family on a journey full of laughs, heartfelt moments and the ultimate quest to find the true meaning of Christmas amidst until the chaos.

5. Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget

Family Movies in Netflix

After a long 23 year wait, the greatest chicken of all time has returned. Get ready to play with the birds in Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget which will captivate audiences of all ages. Follow the story of a group of determined chickens as they devise a daring escape plan from their lives on the farm. This animated masterpiece is a classic and timeless story that will have the whole family laughing and cheering for these fearless furry friends.

With witty dialogue, touching characters and very interesting animation, this film the right show to unite all generations with intelligent humor and thrilling adventure.

6. Pokémon Concierge

Family Movies in Netflix

Calling past and present Pokémon fans! It’s time to collect your Poké Balls, don your team’s colors and prepare for an exciting journey that will take you back to the golden age of Pokémon – this time with an even more surprising story.

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Witness the adventures of Haru, a passionate worker at the famous Pokémon Resort and prepare to reminisce about timeless Pokémon. Prepare yourself for a truly magical journey as you witness the unbreakable bond between trainer and beloved Pokémon. It’s time to relive the victory to catch them all.