8 Best Movies Like Clueless Recommendation

Movies Like Clueless – Clueless is a classic example of ’90s filmmaking and has been hailed as one of the best teen movies of all time, winning a legion of fans over the years. The privileged high school student Cher, played by Alicia Silverstone in the coming-of-age comedy, must juggle school, friendships, and what she really wants out of life.

Clueless has been referenced and honored in a number of movies over the years, which speaks to its ageless quality despite being released almost 30 years ago. There are several other teen comedies that are comparable to Clueless that have won hearts by presenting fantastic tales and amazing characters in their own right, even though nothing (yet) has come close to properly reproducing the magic of Clueless.

Therefore, if you’re looking for some movies to watch after binge-watching Clueless a gazillion times, look no further! Here are ten movies you will undoubtedly enjoy.

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1. Bring It On

Bring It On

Bring It On, a movie about cheering, has joined the list of the most well-liked teen movies ever. Fans of this comedy are still screaming for a sequel more than two decades later. Two competitive cheerleading squads that must endure it all and battle against one another at a championship level are the subject of the movie. This entertaining and campy classic stars Kirsten Dunst, Gabrielle Union, Eliza Dushku, and Jesse Bradford.

2. Do Revenge

Do Revenge

Do Revenge, the most recent inclusion on this list and a movie that in many ways pays homage to Clueless, hits all the right notes when it comes to producing a contemporary, almost ideal teen movie. In the movie, Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke play Drea and Eleanor, two very different females who work together to eliminate each other’s rivals in order to avoid raising each other’s suspicion. Do Revenge received praise for its entertaining plot, as well as for the lead actresses’ and the rest of the supporting cast’s performances.

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3. Movies Like Clueless: Easy A

Movies Like Clueless

2010’s Easy A joins a much younger group of well-liked teen comedies that have endured. Easy A, starring Emma Stone as Olive Penderghast, is a lighthearted comedy about a girl who uses the propensity for rumors at her high school to advance and become one of the most popular girls there. In addition to receiving multiple accolades and nominations for her work, Stone received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical. One of the best teen comedy of the 2010s has been solidified by supporting turns from Penn Badgley, Amanda Bynes, Lisa Kudrow, Aly Michalka, and Stanley Tucci in this enduring film.

4. Mean Girls

Movies Like Clueless

Mean Girls is a mainstay of high school cinema, another classic teen movie that is among the most frequently referenced films of all time. This film which stars a large ensemble cast that includes Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Lacey Chabert, Amanda Seyfried, Liszt Caplan, and others, has gained a cult following and turned into one of the most well-known teen movies of all time.

5. Movies Like Clueless: Pretty in Pink

Movies Like Clueless

Pretty in Pink is a ’80s offering that helped set the way for many more movies like it, even if the teen romantic comedy genre truly took off in the ’90s and ’00s. The cult classic movie contrasts rich and poor, popular and unpopular students in high school, and it centers on Andie Walsh’s struggle as she must make some challenging love decisions. Even over 30 years later, the Molly Ringwald, Jon Cryer, and Harry Dean Stanton film Pretty in Pink still regarded as a classic in the teen film genre.

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6. She’s All That

Movies Like Clueless

She’s All That, a contemporary retelling of My Fair Lady, centers on popular Zack Siler, who, after being left by his fiancée, wagers that he can make any female the popular girl in school and prom queen. The film’s ensemble cast, which also includes Mathew Lillard, Anna Paquin, Jodi Lyn O’Keefe, and others, fronted by Freddie Prinze Jr. and Rachael Leigh Cook. Another iconic teen romance comedy that is still one of the most renowned is She’s All That.

7. What a Girl Wants

Movies Like Clueless

The 2003 teen comedy What a Girl Wants centers on Daphne Reynolds, age 17, who visits London in pursuit of her wealthy politician father who is unaware of her existence. She has to blend in with the rest of high society London in order to connect with him and leave a lasting, favorable impression. In the movie, Colin Firth plays Daphne’s father, Henry Dashwood, while Amanda Bynes plays the character of Daphne.

8. Movies Like Clueless: Wild Child

Movies Like Clueless

In the movie Wild Child, Emma Roberts plays Poppy Moore, a wealthy and spoilt adolescent who taken to England by her father in the hopes that she will change her ways. Even though she is highly resistive to the changes in her environment, she soon develops genuine and healthy friendships and improves herself. Despite receiving negative reviews from critics and failing to make money at the box office, Wild Child has gained a cult following over the years thanks to its charm and wit.