6 Best Movies About Running on Netflix Recommendation

Movies about Running on NetflixThis collection of running-related films will increase your passion for the sport. A runner never stops looking for motivation. Their own attitudes drive them a lot of the time, whether it’s to run a longer distance or hit a faster time, but sometimes we need more than numbers to break the tedium. For that reason, we’ve put together this list of seven fantastic running-themed movies that you can stream on Netflix.

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Movies about Running on Netflix

1. Antwone Fisher

This biographical play narrates the tale of Jesse Owens and his 1936 Olympic participation in Berlin. Afterwards, his contributions to these games became legendary. During these games, Jesse Owens managed to win four gold medals despite the intense pressure from Hitler.

Watching Antwone Fisher is a great choice if you’re searching for a moving film that will inspire and motivate you by showing you that hard work, skill, and bravery can triumph despite prejudice and discrimination.

2. Marathon

The incidents depicted in this drama film are true. Marathon is a family narrative that follows a woman navigating life with her autistic son. A major focus of Marathon is the mother-son bond, and you embark on a moving journey alongside them as they overcome prejudice and apathy.

3. Karl Meltzer: Made to be Broken

Stories that push the boundaries and cause us to doubt our own abilities captivate us as runners. Karl Meltzer definitely belongs in this group because of his ongoing adventures. In “Made to be broken,” an American ultra-marathon runner makes one more effort to break the 46-day record by completing the 3,500-kilometer conventional circuit of the Appalachian Trail. Is it something he can accomplish? Discover more in this outstanding Red Bull documentary.

4. 1 Mile Too You

The plot of this love drama centers on an adolescent who loses his sweetheart in an accident. He discovers during his grief process that running is a way for him to stay in touch with his departed lover, and he makes it a point to go faster in order to honor her memory. 1 Mile Tou You is a fantastic choice to see if you’re looking for a romantic, somewhat more dramatic film.

5. Gun Runners

It tells the tale of two ex-Kenyan soldiers named Arile and Matanda who trade their firearms for a pair of running shoes. This Canadian documentary has been highlighting the Kenyan Dream, or the Kenyan American dream, for eight years. It puts viewers at the starting line of one of the world’s most fabled races: the New York Marathon.

6. Run, Fat Boy, Run

Last but not least is Simon Pegg’s romantic comedy Run, Fat Boy, Run. This fictitious narrative centers on Dennis, who abandons his expectant fiancée at the altar. Five years later, he wants to attempt to win her back after realizing he made a mistake. Dennis enters the race, but he must first get back in shape in order to succeed, as his ex-girlfriend is now seeing another man who also intends to run a charity marathon.

If you want something humorous but still want it to be about running, this is a more playful and enjoyable option.

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