6 Screenlife Genre Films like Searching Recommendation

Films like Searching – The film Searching itself is a film about a father who loses his daughter. The father tried various methods to track down his daughter’s whereabouts with all possible conditions that could happen to his beloved child.

This film uses the camera’s point of view, the monitor screens of various devices are the direction in which the shots are taken. This film was released in 2018 and received a lot of positive reviews. Not only because of the unusual shooting angle, but also because of the exciting story and the actors’ optimal acting.

What’s unique is that this film has an ending that most viewers probably didn’t expect. For this reason, Searching was successful enough that a sequel was finally made.

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Films like Searching

1. Missing (2022)

After completing filming in 2022, the film Missing was finally officially shown throughout the world. This film, directed by Nicholas D Johnson and Will Merrick, tells the story of a girl named June Allen who is looking for her mother because she disappeared while on holiday with her boyfriend. Allen used various technological devices to find his mother.

The film Missing also uses an unusual shooting technique by placing the audience from the point of view of the device the character is using.

2. The Den (2013)

What would happen if you were a virtual witness to a murder? That’s what happened to Elizabeth, a student who was conducting research via video chat with other random users. At first everything went smoothly, she got to know several users. Until one day, Elizabeth saw firsthand the sadistic murder that befell her interlocutor. He then immediately contacted the police, but they considered it a hoax video. Elizabeth then started asking her friends for help but it was later discovered that they were slowly disappearing or dying. Horrified!

3. Dashcams (2022)

Dashcam is also no less exciting. This film centers on the story of Annie who goes to visit her friend, Stretch. However, when they got there they got into a fight and Annie ended up running away with Stretch’s car and cellphone, which was used for food delivery services. When a request for delivery came up, Annie took the job on a whim. This recently led him to encounter unexpected and terrible things. The scenes in this film will be shown via the player’s cellphone camera and car. Interested in watching?

4. Unfriended (2014)

Unfriended is a screenlife film with a quite scary story premise. The film begins with six school friends video chatting one evening. Everything went normally until they received a Skype message from a classmate who committed suicide exactly one year ago. At first they thought it was a joke, but the dead girl slowly revealed her friends’ darkest secrets. They also realized that they were dealing with something dangerous, something that wanted them dead.

5. Unfriended: Dark Web (2018)

After watching Unfriended, it will be incomplete if you don’t watch Unfriended: Dark Web, which is the sequel with a different story. The focus of this film itself is the dark and terrifying side of the dark web, a hidden part of the internet. In general, Unfriended: Dark Web tells the story of a group of teenagers who experience terror while chatting on their laptops. In their usual conversation, a mysterious user suddenly appeared who they didn’t know. Gradually, the user began to endanger the lives of the group of teenagers one by one.

6. Films like Searching: Profile (2018)

To investigate the recruitment of a young European woman by ISIS, a journalist named Amy Whittaker created a new Facebook profile under the pseudonym Melody Nelson. With this fake identity, she claimed to be a woman who had just converted to Islam. Until one day, Amy managed to attract the attention of Bilel, an ISIS fighter from Syria. They then often Skyped and unexpectedly Amy began to feel the seeds of love. Was Amy the one caught in Bilel’s trap? Find the answer in Profile!

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