11 Movies about Traumatic that are Interesting to Watch

Watching movies about Traumatic is fascinating. People who have experienced or witnessed traumatic events like natural disasters, severe accidents, terrorist attacks, war, rape, death threats, or sexual violence may develop posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), also known as PTSD.

Although PTSD has been well-known for a while and has gone by a number of titles in the past, including “shell shock” during World War I and “combat fatigue” after World War II, it does not only affect people who have served in the armed forces. Anyone, from any society, at any age, can develop PTSD.

Even after the traumatic event has passed, a person with PTSD continues to experience intense and intrusive thoughts and emotions about their past experiences. Through flashbacks or dreams, they might have experienced the incident again.

You can see it in movies about traumatic to get a sense of how it can impact someone’s personality. In the following, we present several movies about traumatic that can represent this condition.

1. American Sniper

The very first PTSD movie was titled American Sniper. Based on the real-life experiences of Chris Kyle, one of the most effective and deadly snipers in the Navy Seals’ annals,

In the movie, Bradley Cooper portrays the PTSD-afflicted main character who is plagued by visions of the people he has killed. The time he spent in Afghanistan prevented him from integrating into regular daily life. The trauma’s cause was impossible for him to flee. And it turned into a constant source of excitement and occurrences in his life, further separating him from the family.

2. Rambo

Rambo is the second movie about PTSD. In the movie Rambo, a US war veteran who has just returned from Vietnam is treated poorly by the authorities in the town of Hope, Washington. He perceived by the police as a troubled individual entering their metropolis. They treated him like a criminal when he eluded the cops.

Nobody gave him the chance to defend himself or show sympathy. He ultimately escaped into the woods and started assaulting anyone who tried to capture him. Sylvester Stallone sobs inconsolably in the closing minutes of the movie, lashing out at the war and its fallout, uncharacteristic behavior, and machismo, biceps-laden killing machines.

Of course, not all PTSD sufferers turn to aggression, but the movie emphasizes the seriousness of the problem of rehabilitation.

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3. The Fisher King

The Fisher King is the third movie about PTSD. Robin Williams portrays a homeless man who suffers from selective memory loss and loses his wife in a shooting spree in this movie. He stopped trying to live a normal life after the death of his wife and experienced a total breakdown.

A character with PTSD is portrayed in the movie as having suppressed traumatic memories, unable to recall what has occurred, and withdrawing into the experience. Every time he attempts to recall the mass shooting, he crashes, screams, runs down the street, and displays the typical symptoms of PTSD.

4. Shutter Island

Shutter Island is the fourth movie that deals with PTSD. Shuter Island is a fantastic illustration of a movie that shows PTSD. In this movie, the main character invents a make-believe world in which he works as an investigator seeking out hints.

She actually had severe PTSD, as well as dementia and schizophrenia symptoms, and believed that she was the victim of a plot.

5. The Punisher

The Punisher is the sixth movie to deal with PTSD. After losing his complete family, the protagonist of this series struggles with PTSD. Additionally, he is a combat warrior who has witnessed far more violence than is rational and develops into a killer like Rambo.

This movie can still convey what it’s like for someone with PTSD even though it takes artistic license with PTSD in order to develop the characters.

6. The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Charlie is hospitalized due to flashbacks and a clinical depression following the death of his relative in a tragic car accident. He was anxious again in his first year of middle school after he had recovered.

Sam (played by Emma Watson), a high school student, and Patrick, his half-brother, who are also dealing with tragedy in their own lives, become friends with Charlie.

7. Harry Potter

Harry Potter is the following PTSD-related movie. Yes, all eight of the J.K. Rowling-based Harry Potter pictures, which are available today. Rowling are susceptible to traumatic events. Numerous characters in this movie, including Harry Potter, Neville Longbottom, and Luna Lovegood, display various PTSD signs.

8. Girl Interrupted

In the movie, a number of mental health disorders are portrayed, including PTSD-related memory loss and flashbacks.

The movie also explains how a trauma response’s symptoms can become addictive; as a result, they require chaos and exhilaration to feel like reality.

9. Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!

This movie tells the tale of a young child who develops into a thief after losing resources and love while growing up in a dysfunctional household. Criminal purpose isn’t always motivated by trauma, but in this movie it is.

The primary character’s PTSD manifests itself in crime, but it has no effect on his charm or sense of humor. The failure of the nation as a whole to comprehend and sympathize with trauma before it results in crime is another major theme of the movie.

10. Iron Man 3

You might be surprised to learn that Marvel has produced a number of tales about heroes and villains that are the results of various trauma narratives. For instance, after saving Earth from an alien invasion in the movie Iron Man 3, Robert Downey Jr., who portrays Tony Stark as Iron Man, experiences flashbacks and panic attacks.

Her boyfriend has issues as a result of her emotional and physical withdrawal, and to make things worse. She also needs to track down and kill a terrorist known as the Mandarin.

11. Room

The most recent PTSD movie called Room. Joy Newsome, portrayed by Brie Larson, battles to protect both herself and her young son, who born while she held prisoner, after being held captive for seven years in a small barn and subjected to sexual violence.

The first time in his life, his son Jack, portrayed by Jacob Tremblay, experiences life outside the “room,” after obtaining freedom. In order to prepare for her part in Room, which won her the Academy Award for Best Actress, Brie Larson worked with trauma specialists.

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