7 Best Movies Like Baby Driver Recommendation

The Raid 2 (2014)

Movies Like Baby Driver – As the title suggests, there’s a lot of chasing action here. Tells the story of a young man as a getaway driver in various acts of theft. From the start, the impressive stunts presented very well. Plus the accompaniment of a legendary soundtrack selection. It’s a must watch if you like sophisticated stunts, especially the great attraction of controlling a Subaru WRX in the opening minutes.

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Movies Like Baby Driver

1. Mission Impossible: Fallout (2019)

Of all the Mission Impossible series, the 6th series can said to the most interesting. Features a BMW 5 Series E28 as Ethan Hunt’s ride while chased by Ilsa Faust using a Triumph Tiger. The remains of the collision not lost, and the choreographic execution looks real. It’s not too excessive like MI-2 and there are no mistakes like in Rogue Nation – when the BMW M3’s tires turned out to be standard rims when descending the stairs.

2. The Raid 2 (2014)

This action film from Indonesia is not about automotive. However, the chase choreography in it deserves a thumbs up. An Infiniti i30 driven by Eka (Oka Antara) chases an Opel Blazer to evacuate Rama (Iko Uwais). Full of exciting action and packaged realistically. What makes it interesting is the setting in Jakarta. For your information, there are many sadistic and violent scenes.

3. Bullitt (1968)

Bullit released in 1968, which doesn’t mean it’s any less exciting. This film is said to have the best chase action in the history of Hollywood films. Showing two tough rivalries of the era: Ford Mustang Fastback versus Dodge Charger. All the action carried out in real life on the streets of San Francisco, not yet entering the digital CGI process.

4. The French Connection (1971)

Another phenomenal action is carried out in The French Connection. Not the car or clever placement of the camera, but the story behind the shot. The main bumper cam scene was shot without any preparation, the road was not closed or even there was no police permission. This reckless stunt was carried out by stunt driver Bill Hickman, driving up to 90 miles per hour (144 kph) for 26 blocks without stopping. The result is an exciting scene in the middle of busy New York.

6. Gone in 60 Seconds (1974)

Gone in 60 Seconds tells the story of car theft, so expect lots of beautiful models. Starting from the DeTomaso Pantera, Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, Chevrolet Corvette, and other American V8 rides. However, the main story when Maindrian Pace is forced to return one of “Eleanor’s” stolen goods – a 1973 Ford Mustang Sportsroof Mach 1 style. Nearly half of this film spent chasing Pace.

7. Ronin (1998)

Tells the story of a former US intelligence officer who tracks a mysterious package. That’s where the tense chase action occurs. It was exciting when the Audi S8 tried to stop the Citroen Or when the BMW M5 E34 was chased by a standard Peugeot 406, proving that ordinary cars can still follow the performance series. Even though the use of explosion effects seems a bit excessive, the chase choreography is worthy of appreciation.

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