Best Movies Like Elemental Animation Pixar Production

Movies Like ElementalPixar’s latest film, entitled Elemental, has received a positive response from fans. This animated film tells a romantic comedy story between two characters from different elements. The film also presents various unique characters which make the story more complex and interesting. Not different from the film Elemental, the animated films below also present beautiful visuals, diverse characters, and of course a unique storyline.

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Elemental Film Synopsis

ELEMENTAL tells the story of life from natural anthropomorphic elements. These elements consist of the elements water, fire, air and earth which coexist. They live in a city called Element City. Of these four elements, there are two elements that are difficult to unite.

These two elements, namely the elements of fire and water. The fire element has a strong, passionate and loud character, while the water element has a calm, pleasant and easy going character.

These differences make it difficult for them to unite. Even so, the two of them still try to unite by looking for similarities. Challenges arise when the city they live in experiences chaos. Those who are trying to unite must share their time to help resolve the chaos. Will the chaos end and they can unite?

Movies Like Elemental

1. Zootopia (2016)

Zootopia is an animated film that has a unique plot similar to Elemental. The film Zootopia presents a story about a city that has various different characters which are divided into two; predator and prey. The center of the story is a character named Judy Hopps who is a police officer rabbit who works with a cunning fox named Nick Wilde.

2. Corpse Bride (2005)

Corpse Bride tells the story of the land of the dead. Tells the story of Victor (Johnny Depp) who is in love and accidentally marries a dead woman named Emily (Helena Bonham Carter). He must then find a way to return to the land of the living before it is too late. This film tells the story of finding love in the most unexpected places while going on a journey of self-acceptance.

3. Megamind (2010)

If animated films about superheroes are too mainstream, try watching Megamind. Megamind tells the story of a super villain character named Megamind. He is a criminal who threatens Metro City with various tricks. However, his crimes are always thwarted by Metro Man, a superhero beloved by the city’s residents. In his journey of losing his purpose in life, Megamind creates a rival superhero to Metro Man, named Titan. Unfortunately, the Titan actually turns into an antagonist and must be defeated before it destroys the city.

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