7 Best Movies Like Maze Runner, There are Riddick !

Movies like Maze Runner. The Maze Runner, a gripping young adult sci-fi film based on James Dashner’s book, epitomized the spirit of the time in 2014. The movie opens with Thomas, the main character, riding in an elevator and arriving in a setting with a number of other teenage guys who are all attempting to survive together and have no memory of their previous lives. Every thirty days, the group gains new members, and the location has dubbed “The Glade.”

The present group has stranded in this location for three years, with the only way out being through the camp’s maze. However, Grievers are also after them. Things appear hopeless, and their group begins to disintegrate when a girl in a coma shows up with an odd note. The boys split into two groups: those who want to leave and those who want to stay put.

The movie would get some great reviews, and its box office success would encourage sequels to continue the plot. The Maze Runner would come to an end, as is typical with these kinds of series, but since there is still a sizable fan audience for this kind of content, here is a list of movies like The Maze Runner.

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1. Ender’s Game (2013)

Here, we begin with an obvious entry, and both the atmosphere and tone are reminiscent of The Maze Runner. Future here, and an evil extraterrestrial civilization has just attacked Earth. An international leader who can save humanity must found by the military. This brings us to Ender Wiggin, a bright young person chosen to join the elite and prepared for a conflict with the Earth as its target. This is a must-see on our list due to its fantastic effects and set pieces.

2. Riddick (2013)

This survival film is the third in a trilogy of science fiction adventures that gained a following over the period of thirteen years. The films Pitch Black, The Chronicles of Riddick, and Riddick came before Riddick, a thrilling action thriller featuring grizzled road rage X-rated superstar Vin Diesel that is place on a burned earth and features battles with hordes of alien monsters before ending with a deadline and a threat from Riddick’s past.

3. Divergent (2014)

As was previously said, movie studios were scrambling to find the next Hunger Games, and they would be scouring young adult literature for leads. This essay inspired by Veronica Roth‘s book of the same name. The setting of this book was a post-apocalyptic Chicago. The plot would center on Beatrice, who offered the choice to leave her birthplace and join another of society’s five factions. The film series, which dealt with themes of acceptance and not fitting in, earned mixed reviews but was only modestly popular. despite the fact that the genre was beginning to show tropes and clichés.

4. Movies like Maze Runner : Boy 7 (2015)

The young Matthijs van de Sande Bakhuyzen gives a fantastic center performance in this Dutch film, which is something we always like to include on our lists that you may not have seen. Similar to The Maze Runner, our protagonist in this film also wakes up without memory, and as the story progresses, a secret is revealed. The movie, which is based once more on a beloved Mirjam Mous novel, is told in flashbacks, and we accompany Sam as he seeks out the lethal secrets of his past.

5. Mad Max Fury Road (2015)

I seriously doubt that the makers of the first Mad Max movie anticipated that the narrative would still be compelling in 2015. However, the franchise would receive a fresh installment from filmmaker George Miller that would add new levels to the narrative. Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron’s involvement undoubtedly contributed to this movie’s success at the box office, although there may not be much of a connection between The Maze Runner and the plot of Furiosa and Max attempting to survive in a chaotic, dystopian future society. However, the adventure and action sequences are simply too excellent to ignore.

6. The Fifth Wave (2016)

This science fiction story, which is based on yet another trilogy of books, this time written by Rick Yancey, features yet another dystopian civilization, another dismal earth, and still another struggle for survival. With the help of a young man who could be her only chance to survive the devastating fifth-wave alien attack, Cassie is attempting to save her younger brother. The reviews weren’t particularly nice to the movie, and it seems like by 2016 they were becoming weary of the genre.

7. Mortal Engines (2018)

This little misfire of an adaptation was based on a novel by Philip Reeves. A common cliché in these kinds of films is that Earth is on its last legs in the future, and “Municipal Darwinism” is in charge. The subtext of Giant recruited cities to seek for and assimilate smaller ones is pretty evident, but this film adaptation failed to connect with audiences; it bombed at the box office, but at least the novel’s author gave it his blessing.

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