7 Best Woody Allen Movies, Which Is Your Favorite?

Best Woody Allen Movies. Woody Allen is eternal happiness for me. Such pure happiness He doesn’t even know that in this world there is a miserable human being, namely me, who is so passionate about his work and makes it a role model for thinking and philosophy.

For those of you who have watched films by Woody Allen, whether you are used to enjoying them or just once or twice, let’s share personal views about your favorite Woody Allen films. For those who haven’t watched one yet, I hope it can be a magical recommendation when your mind is dry (guaranteed, this film will feed your heart and mind!).

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Here is my version of the seven best Woody Allen movies:

1. Crime and Misdemeanor (1989)

1. Crime and Misdemeanor (1989)

Everyone has an immoral side. That’s what is meant to be conveyed in this dark film. Opposing the philosophical story from the book Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Allen reveals a new narrative that crimes can also go unpunished.

Martin Landau plays very well in this film. He plays an honorable and dignified person but is forced to act against morality, namely, kill, when the issue of his affair is brought up by his own lover.
Overall, this film is too ‘dark’ for those of you who are used to Allen’s comical films. However, Allen won’t let you get tense like watching Hitchcock’s films. He will present crime in a fun way.

2. Stardust Memories (1980)

2. Stardust Memories (1980)

‘Stardust Memories’ is touted as a soft autobiography of Woody Allen. How come? In this romantic and self-critical comedy film, Woody Allen acts as a director with works that are exactly the same as his work in real cinema.

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This film is like Woody Allen’s “outburst” about his life as a director: crazy fans who never stop harassing him, film critics who regularly comment on his work, and also a love life full of confusion, plus a former lover who always haunts him.

Like other Woody Allen films, Stardust Memories still contains elements of satirical comedy and its mainstay, existentialism. Many lines of dialogue depict questions about the meaning of life and death.

3. Sleepers (1973)

3. Sleepers (1973)

‘Sleeper’ is one of Woody Allen’s works that contains slapstick humor after previously releasing “Bananas’ (1971) and ‘Take the Money and Run’ (1969). Carrying the futuristic comedy genre, Woody Allen plays a human “experimental material” from the past who must survive the madness of the government in the future world of technology.

I couldn’t help but laugh seeing my idol act so caricaturally in this film with his trademark “srimulat” actions.

4. Manhattan (1979)

best woody allen movies

Well, this deserves to be called the best Woody Allen film of all time. He succeeded in portraying Manhattan as a city full of memories, with all its beauty that makes one’s breath hold.

Allen played a TV screenwriter who is dating a 17-year-old girl (played by Ernest Hemingway’s granddaughter, Mariel Hemingway). However, his world changes when he gets caught up in the infidelity of his own best friend, which brings him together with the most attractive woman in his life.

5. Hannah and Her Sisters (1986)

best woody allen movies

Many critics say that this is the best film by Woody Allen. Again, this film alludes to morality talk. Love and infidelity are two big themes in this brother-sister relationship. Neurotic siblings who are both looking for the meaning of life, until they have to hide from each other by keeping their own dark secrets,

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The inner battle between brothers and sisters that occurs is not only a matter of emotions and feelings. If we open our eyes wider, there are two questions raised by Woody Allen in this film: Are we happy? If we are not happy, can we find other ways to be happy?

6. Best Woody Allen Movies : Annie Hall (1977)

best woody allen movies

As the only Allen film to win an Oscar, Annie Hall is truly a big deal in film history. Sweet storyline, unique visual strategy, witty and quirky lines, and the development of Annie Hall’s strong and memorable character (who doesn’t know Annie Hall?) Two neurotic people who fall in love will form an amazing relationship full of ups and downs!

This film is a milestone for the transformation of Allen’s film style from slapstick to a romantic comedy that is more mature and full of philosophical discourses on life and death, psychology, and morality.

7. The Purple Rose of Cairo (1985)

best woody allen movies

What if your favorite movie character came out of the cinema to meet you and declared that he was in love with you? Cecilia (played by Mia Farrow) had this happen! Finally, great chaos ensues, both in the film and in real life. However, this chaos meant happiness for Cecilia; after she felt that her husband no longer loved her, she became the desire of two people at once!

This film is in the magical realism genre, in which fantasy and reality merge into one without clashing. Extraordinary! This film made me gawk the first time I watched it. Ouch… Allen! How could he know my favorite film genre?