8 Angeli Khang Films Full of Hot Scenes

Thelongestflim.comAngeli Khang films is not far from hot and vulgar scenes. Yes, this Filipino actress is known for her roles in adult films.

Not only are his acting skills great, but his cute face also turns out to be a magnetic field that can attract many fans. No wonder the films starring Angeli Khang always sell well.

So, in this article, ApkVenue will give you a list of Angeli Khang’s films and discuss them one by one. But for those who are still underage, don’t try to watch it, okay?

1. Bela Luna (2023)

Bela Luna (2023)

Bela Luna is an Angeli Khang film that was just released this year, namely on January 27, 2023. As usual, even though it is in the romance drama genre, this film still has vulgar scenes, which are, of course, the specialty of this beautiful artist.

This film, starring Angeli Khang and friends, tells the story of a young teacher named Luna (Angeli), who suffers from being married to a cruel man named Abe (Julio Diaz), who is much older than herself.

Because she had been tormented for a long time, Luna wanted to leave her husband. One day, Luna’s life began to change when she met a man named Diego (Mark Anthony Fernandez).

On the other hand, there is Bela, a city girl who lives with her lover, Arnold (Kiko Estrada). They are working on a special project that will ultimately test the stability of their relationship.

2. Selina’s Gold (2022)

Selina's Gold (2022)

The title of the second Angeli Khang film is Selina’s Gold. This film, directed by Mac Alejandre, tells the story of a woman named Selina, who was sold by her father to Tiago to become a slave to satisfy her lust.

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But luckily, Selina met Domeng, who helped her get out of this sad situation. Very ironic, huh?

This film presents a number of other well-known Filipino film stars, such as Gold Azeron, Jay Manalo, and several others.

So, in this film, there is no denying that Angeli again appears boldly in intimate scenes. For this reason, this film should not be watched by minors.

3. Us x Her (2022)

Us x Her (2022)

The Us x Her film tells the story of a young couple’s faltering marriage, which is further complicated when another woman enters their life. However, what is interesting in this story is that the two women fall in love with each other.

In the film Us vs. Her, Angeli Khang will appear in several different scenes than usual. Apart from having hot scenes with men, she will also have intimate scenes with a woman who is played as her husband’s lover.

4. Silip Sa Apoy / Peek at the Fire (2022)

Silip Sa Apoy / Peek at the Fire (2022)

Silip Sa Apoy story begins with a housewife named Emma (Angeli Khang), who feels unhappy in her marriage. This is because her husband, Ben (Sid Lucero), has strange sexual tastes.

Her husband always commits acts of violence before having sexual intercourse. Over time, Emma felt uncomfortable with this behavior.

Emma then finds the passionate love of her neighbor, Alfred (Paolo Gumabao), which unfortunately leads to an extramarital affair. Of course, this will lead to quite an interesting conflict.

5. Mahjong Nights (2022)

Angeli Khang Films

You might be fooled by the title. However, unlike the title, which describes the game, the film played by Angela Khang actually features many adult scenes.

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Mahjong Nights is a film about Alexa (Angeli Khang), who witnesses a night of Mahjong that suddenly turns into a horrible night when the dark secrets of the players are revealed.

Interestingly, Alexa herself is one of those people who has a secret, namely her affair with her own stepfather.

6. Girl Friday (2022)

Angeli Khang Films

Girl Friday released on September 30, 2022, this adult romance film produced by Vincent Del Rosario III has become one of the most popular Filipino films. The reason is cliche, because there are many erotic scenes in this film.

This film tells the story of a wife who is willing to carry out sexual exploration with her husband in order to save their marriage.

However, the plan turned against him. Starting from here, the wife plots an evil scheme that leads to divorce.

Finally, after the divorce, a newspaper chairman realized that he had lost not only his wife but also his best editor. He also struggles to get his missing wife and best editor back.

7. Pusoy (2022)

Angeli Khang Films

Pusoy is a film that tells about the life of Popoy (Vince Rillon), who has to make a living to support his family and parents by becoming a bodyguard for a gambling boss named Rodolfo.

One day, the pressure to make more money increases when Popoy’s mother becomes ill and needs a kidney transplant ASAP. Unfortunately, a high-stakes game goes wrong when one of the clients is killed at Rodolfo’s poker table.

Desperate to raise money to bribe the police, Rodolfo hires Mika (Angeli Khang), another card expert, to help him solve the problem. Unfortunately, Rodolfo could not contain his lust.

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The conflict escalates when Xandra, Rodolfo’s girlfriend who is also a card dealer, doesn’t let her just have an affair.

8. Angeli Khang Films : Eva (2021)

Angeli Khang Films

If you have been a fan of this 2001-born actress for a long time, of course you remember her first film debut in the film Eva. This is a story about Eva, a young girl who is forced to work as a housemaid in Victoria due to economic problems.

Victoria herself is a passionate model. And because of this, he often brings home his sexy male co-workers, both male and female, to serve his lust every night.

Victoria’s behavior then triggers Eva’s desire to explore a new world that she has never visited before.

So how about it? Have you started feeling hot yet? If you want to try watching it, make sure you are over 20 years old.