Synopsis of Film Missing, Searching Through Digital Footprints

Missing Movie Synopsis and Cast. The film Missing is currently being discussed by film lovers because it has a tense yet unique storyline. This film will be shown in theaters starting February 22, 2023, with a duration of 1 hour, 51 minutes.

Missing, a thriller of the thriller genre, is the second film in the Searching film series, which was released in 2018. Even so, Missing has a storyline that is not related to the Searching film.

This film tells the story of a woman who goes missing after going on vacation with her new boyfriend. The child, who wanted to know where his mother was, asked the FBI to find his mother. So, is this effort successful? Check out the synopsis of the film Missing below.

Synopsis of Film Missing

Missing Film Synopsis

Broadly speaking, Missing tells about the struggle of a child to unravel the mystery behind the disappearance of his mother. But on the other hand, this film also presents the big role of social media in tracking someone’s whereabouts.

The film begins by showing a video of young June Allen (Ava Zaria Lee) with her late father. The video was made some time before his father died of a brain tumor he had suffered.

Over time, June grew up. One day, adult June (Storm Reid) is preparing to throw a party at her house. The plan is for the party to be held after his mother, Grace (Nia Long), goes to Colombia. Grace is going on vacation with her new boyfriend, Kevin (Ken Leung), for a week.

Before leaving, Grace tells June that she will be watched over by Heather (Amy Landecker). Heather is a friend of Grace, who works as a lawyer. It is known that Heather harbored jealousy over Grace and Kevin’s relationship.

Synopsis of Film Missing

June picks up her mother at the airport.

One week later, June was asked to pick up the mother and her new lover at the airport. However, the two of them did not come until some time had passed. Finally, June contacted the authorities to report the loss of her mother.

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After some time, June becomes frustrated because the FBI tends to work slowly. Finally, he decided to conduct his own investigation and search. He is looking for his mother by tracing digital footprints on Grace’s social media, starting from Facebook messages and internet searches to the last location.

To help with the search process, June recruits a casual worker who will do anything for a small fee. That person is Javier (Joaquim de Almeida). But when June and Javier dig deeper, they find even more unanswered questions. June even realized that she didn’t really know her mother after one by one Grace’s secrets were revealed.

Synopsis of Film Missing

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Missing Movie Cast List

Missing is a film co-directed by Will Merrick and Nick Johnson. Plans for making this film had been announced since 2019, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the film was postponed indefinitely.

On January 19, 2023, the film Missing was finally shown for the first time at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival. This film also entered Indonesian cinemas on February 22, 2023. The cast list for the film Missing is as follows:

  • Tim Griffin, as James
  • Nia Long as Grace
  • Storm Reid as of June
  • Ken Leung as Kevin
  • Amy Landecker as Heather
  • Megan Suri as Veena
  • Lisa Yamada as Alison
  • Sharar Ali Speaks as Tia
  • Daniel Henney as Agent Park
  • Jameel Shivji as Karthik

That is a summary of information regarding the synopsis for the film Missing and the list of actors. I hope it is useful.